2005 Summer Movie Pool


Well, I had this final posting written, but just never uploaded it. Anyway, congrats again to Larry for showing the rest of us that a romantic comedy starring J-Ho and Hanoi Jane CAN make Top 10. Think about what I just wrote there... and now you'll understand why this was such an amazingly disappointing summer. Congrats as well to Kristen, for bringing home the Bonehead Award. That's more money than the rest of us saw. And you got a permanent place in the Bonehead Hall of Shame! Bonus, baby! I've updated both the Standings and the Bonehead pages... so enjoy! An intersting note - while updating the Bonehead page, I realized that we just experienced our first two ACTUAL bombs, where a large number of people picked both 'The Island' and 'Kingdom of Heaven'. These weren't movies that someone simply took a chance on... these were legitimate films that over half of us got suckered into picking. Shame on us! Anyway, see you all next summer.


What a finish! After all the criticism that Larry received for 'Monster-in-Law', his unexpected selection held onto the #10 spot, as 'Dukes of Hazzard' limped to the finish line. Needing $14 million, 'Dukes' only pulled in $3 million in its final weekend. Yes, I realize that there are still a few days to go, but you and I both know it's not going to make $8.5 million in the next 3 days. And as for the tiebreaker between Larry and Jaime, with 'The Island' falling further every weekend, Larry holds the edge in Deviation Score, 22-32. This thing's over. I'll have a final posting on either 9/1 or 9/2 (once the final numbers are in for 8/31).


Can 'Dukes' do $14 million in the next 10 days? I don't knowwwwwwwwwwwww. But I can tell you that '40-Year Old Virgin' put a dent into this weekend's earnings for 'Dukes', making $20 million. Anyone see it? 'Red Eye' also didn't help matters, pulling in $16 million. Nothing else really going on right now, as the race for #10 is all that matters. Larry vs. Justin! Hanoi Jane and J-Lo vs. Bo and Luke! Last one standing wins! Somebody make a poster for this showdown.

And heading into our last weekend of the Summer Movie Pool, the new movies coming out are 'The Brothers Grimm', and 'The Cave'. Don't go into The Cave!


See ya, Jerry. As expected, 'Deuce Bigalow' sputtered this weekend, making only $9.4 million (only 3rd place among the opening films). That leaves Jaime, Larry and Justin still alive. But this race for 10th place is going to be much closer than I thought. After making $30 million last weekend, 'Dukes' only made $13 million this weekend (a 57.5% drop). Ummm... that's not good. But while Jaime is technically still in the running with 9 correct picks, the real winner will be either Larry or Justin, as Jaime will wind up losing the tiebreaker anyway to either guy. As it stands now, Jaime's going to get a 14 point hit for 'Island', while Larry's and Justin's worst pick is 'Kingdom' (7 points and 11 points, respectively). You nervous, guys?

I added a couple columns to the standings... one for each movie's rankings the previous week, and another for the differential in placement. This weeks biggest riser: 'Dukes' at +8. The biggest fall: 'Happy Endings' at -6. Perhaps this was just an excuse to type Happy Endings :)

And you want to see some interesting data? I just noticed that Box Office Mojo has a column in their rankings for each film's budget. 'Wedding Crashers' is up to $164 million earned. It only cost $40 million to make. Conversely, 'Island' has made $34 million. It cost $122 million. Ouch, babe. Time to lay off some employees at Dreamworks. And here's a good one... Miramax's 'The Great Raid' came out this weekend. It made $3 million. Too bad it cost $80 million. Doh!


Well, just as George had pointed out, 'Howl's Moving Castle' wound up sucking less than 'Mindhunters'. It pulled in just over $35,000 this past weekend, barely passing 'Mindhunters' for 37th place in the rankings. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... too bad. Once 'Deuce Bigalow' makes more than $4.5 million this weekend (it's a lock for that, right?), Kristen will be the winner of the $20 Bonehead Award. I'm guessing that'll buy their new baby a box of Pampers.

Something else to think about: Just because 'Dukes' made $30.7 million this past weekend, it doesn't mean that it'll DEFINITELY pass 'Monster' with $82.5 million. Box Office Mojo has a link for the Top Opening Weekends in August. look here In it, you'll see that in 2004, 'Alien vs. Predator' opened with $38.3 million, but topped out at $80.2 million. And in 2003, 'Freddy vs. Jason' opened with $36.4 million, but only finished at $82.6 million. Hmmmmm.... both of those movies were remakes/sequels too. It's gonna be an interesting finish to this year's pool.


Yeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Us here Jacksonville hicks sure did like that 'Dukes of Hazzard' movie! Now me... I couldn't go, dammit, 'cause I had them damn kids to watch while their mamas was workin' all night at the Dairy Queen. You know, sometimes she bring home them Push-up pops. You know 'em! Mmmmmmmmmmm... mmmmmmmmmm! Now that's some good grub! Anyways, back to the movie... my bud Geech told me that there was lots of folks there, and he had to drive to the dang back row at the drive-in. I guessin' so, since I hear it made more than $30 millions this weekend. Damn! That sure would buy me and my women a lot of Skoal bandits! Sheeeeeeeeeeooooot! Anyways, I'm guessin' that 'Dukes' should make that there Top 10 and kick that 'Monster-in-Law' to the curb soon 'nough. I tell you what, I sure hate MY monster-in-laws. What I wouldn't do to see them dumped o'er there in the ol' creek. *SPIT* Whewww... I need me another spittin-cup! Awww shoot, now I needs me another shirt too. BOBBY JO! GO GET YOUR BUTT IN THERE AND GET YOUR PA ANOTHER SHIRT... AND ANOTHER BEER!! YOU HEAR ME?!! Damn kids!


I updated the Current Standings, based on '3001' being bumped (and re-named), as well as entering the "actual" figures for this past weekend. Most notable is the race for the Bonehead, as 'Howl' keeps making cash... bit by bit. 'Mindhunters' was pulled from theaters on 7/14/05 with a final total of $4,480,744. 'Howl' is almost there.


Well, I hate to do it, but it's time to say goodbye to four more people. This one really hurts, as I am part of this group :( There's no stopping 'Wedding Crashers', which wound up being the highest grossing film this weekend at $20.5 million. Think of how terrible that sounds... $20 million was #1 this weekend. And that's with three other films getting released (including 'Stealth'). Yep, people are sick of the action movie, as that one crashed and burned, pulling in only $13.5 million. Wisely, no one here picked it (take THAT Premiere magazine!). It wasn't even the best performance of the three openers (that went to 'Sky High' with $14.6 million).

So with 'Wedding' finally a lock for Top 10, Steve, George, Dario and Bill have all been eliminated. And now we're down to four: Jaime and Larry both sitting on 9 correct picks, Justin (waiting on 'Dukes'), and Jerry (waiting on 'Deuce'). If either of those two movies (or any other) makes more than $83 million, Larry is gone. But that remains to be seen. I would just like someone new to win this thing. Although... Jaime never actually won the pool outright (he was part of that ridiculous 3-way tie a couple years ago), so we actually WILL have a first-timer this year. Nice. Good luck, guys.


Ummm... yeahhhh. It's DOES look like America is numb from all of the summer movie explosions. Actually, they seem to be numb from all movies in general, as the top 15 movies this weekend grossed barely $130 million total. I mean, even 'War of the Worlds' pulled in $121 million in its opening week!

The Rock. Armageddon. Pearl Harbor. Bad Boys 2. None of these films directed by Michael Bay grossed less than $134 million. None of them had an opening weekend less than $25 million. Hell, Bad Boys 2 was destroyed by film critics (though it was damn funny). And even though 'The Island' wasn't adored by these same critics, this film had better overall reviews than most of his others. But what did the public think? Well, considering it only made $12 million this weekend, I'm sure we can all guess what they thought. $12 million. Those are 'Dark Water' numbers :( And it was nearly beaten out by 'Bad News Bears', 'Hustle and Flow' and 'The Devil's Rejects'. This is a serious kick in the nuts to George, Dario, Jerry and me. It also brought Jaime back down to Earth. Meanwhile, Justin is laughing his ass off, and Bill and Larry are breathing a sigh of relief. No one else has been officially eliminated, as 8 still could be the magic number. But I'm not making any plans with that money.

Want to know what film DIDN'T suffer this past weekend? That's right... 'Wedding Crashers' which only dropped 22.7% from weekend #1 to weekend #2. Of all movies that were on 2500+ screens by their 2nd weekend, 'Wedding' had only the 25th lowest precentage drop ever. EVER. That's sick.

We've still got 'Stealth' coming out this weekend, which no one picked. But based on this past weekend's results, I'm not expecting any exciting numbers. And if anyone's still paying attention, the race for the Bonehead Award is getting hotter, as 'Howl's Moving Castle' is only $200,000 behind 'Mindhunters'. Now that's excitement!


Another huge opening... another good opening... and a little more has cleared up. 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory' surprised no one (Ok, maybe a couple guys here), making $55 million. But what DID surprise the majority of us was the opening for 'Wedding Crashers' - $32 million. And it did it with an 'R' rating. Was that enough? This summer it might be. It's obvious that both of these movies will do better than the current #9 and #10 films - 'Cinderella Man' and 'Bewitched' (hey look, it finally made top 10!). But can 'Wedding' do at least $82 million and knock off 'Monster-In-Law'? I'm going to say yes, as you can figure that a movie will do about 3-4 times what it made in its opening weekend (unless the word-of-mouth is horrendous). And the word-of-mouth for 'Wedding' has been fantastic :(

Here's how I project the Top 10 totals, using only the movies that have already been released:
1) Star Wars - $380 million
2) War Worlds - $250
3) Batman - $205
4) Madagascar - $190
5) Mr. & Mrs. - $180
6) Longest Yard - $160
7) Fantastic 4 - $150
8) Charlie - $150
9) Wedding - $100
10) Monster - $82

With 'Charlie' a definite lock, that leaves two spots up in the air, and 'Monster' and 'Wedding' are currently filling them (based on their expected totals). Half of us are counting on 'The Island' to claim one of those spots. However, there's still a few other big movies that have yet to be released: 'Stealth', 'Bad News Bears' and 'Dukes of Hazzard'.

As it stands now (based on my projected totals for the movies that have already come out), Jaime and Larry are tied for first with 9 correct picks. Check out Larry with 'Monster'! But while Chris, Kevin and Macke all needed 'Wedding' to do well, they needed 'Charlie' to bomb. Didn't happen. And because Jaime picked both movies, all three of them have unfortunately been eliminated. I still commend you guys for picking 'Wedding'. I'll have to remember that for next year... out with romantic comedy... in with funny cool.

Now, with 'Wedding' and 'Monster' not yet locks (Jaime and Larry could still finish with 8), these are the guys who are still alive, with their remaining movies and their bad picks:
Steve - Island / Bewitched
Justin - Dukes / Kingdom
George - Island / Kingdom
Jaime - Island / none
Dario - Island / Cinderella
Bill - none / Cinderella & Dark Water
Larry - none / Kingdom
Jerry - Island & Deuce / none

If 'Island' turns into a lock, Bill will be eliminated. Justin will still be hanging on with 'Dukes', Larry with 'Monster', and Jerry with 'Deuce'. Me personally, I'm pulling for 'Island' and 'Stealth'. Is America numb yet from all of the summer movie explosions? I hope not!


A big week for 'Fantastic Four' and a weak showing for 'Dark Water' has eliminated two more people. With the strong opening of 'F4' ($56 million), we say goodbye to Jason, who's last two picks are sadly identical to Jerry's (including 'Deuce Bigalow'). Larry also failed to pick 'F4', but his pick of 'Monster-in-Law' is still holding up strong at #7 with $81 million. That leaves us with 'Dark Water'. $10.1 million was simply not going to do it. And with Todd's departure (courtesy of Jaime and myself), we now have 11 people still competing. Bill also picked 'Water', but he'll stay alive as long as 'Cinderella Man' does (which looks like only another 2 weeks).

Another big weekend is in store for us, as this could be the last one for several people. While 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was picked by everyone but three people, those same three chose instead to go with 'Wedding Crashers'. If 'Crashers' is a hit and 'Charlie' is a miss, then this whole summer will get a huge shakeup. However, if 'Crashers' bombs, then it'll be the immediate end for Chris, Kevin and Macke. Keep your fingers crossed, guys. In fact, with Jaime picking both movies, this pool could be over for a few others as well (including myself). I'm not even going to speculate on who all would be eliminated if that happens. We'll just wait and see.


No surprises this Holiday weekend, as "War of the Worlds' destroyed everything in its path (I love puns), to the effect of $113 million in 6 days. 'Worlds' had the 3rd largest Wednesday opening ever ($21.3 million), behind only 'Spider-Man 2' ($40.4 million) and 'The Phantom Menace' ($28.5 million). It also had the 2nd highest grossing July 4th weekend ever (again behind 'Spider-Man 2'). Here's where it ranked among all-time opening weekends:

4-day opening grosses - 19th ('Sith' at #1)
5-day opening grosses - 13th ('Sith' at #1)
6-day opening grosses - 13th ('Sith' at #1)

Hey, you want another fun fact? 'Land of the Dead' had the 17th highest percentage drop from Week 1 to Week 2 at -73.8% ($10.22 million to $2.68 million). Wanna know what's #1? George's favorite... 'Gigli', at -81.9% ($3.75 million to $678,640)! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

And now comes one of our most exciting weekends of the summer. No, not for 'Fantastic Four' (I've never seen so many previews for one film in my life)... but instead for 'Dark Water'. This baby's gonna go right down the drain! Look, I understand that people like to be scared when they see movies, and I'm sure lots of morons will run out to see this film, as it's the only spooky movie of the summer. But tell me... what exactly is the thing to fear in this film? A killer behind the eerie water? The water itself? I just don't get it. Best of luck to Todd and Bill.


Another bad weekend for movies, and ten of us were suckered into picking 'Bewitched'. Let me say that Will Ferrell might want to consider not making any more summer movies. In a summer that had only one romantic comedy (and I'm not including 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith as a true romantic comedy), I was counting on this one film to make Top 10. Hell, even 'The Notebook' pulled in over $77 million last year, and that movie had no star power. But I was wrong. Evidently there's no room for love in a summer full of explosions. If I had done better homework, I would have realized that the last time a romantic comedy made Top 10 was all the way back in 1999 ('Runaway Bride' and 'Notting Hill'). As for Ferrell, after three straight non-impressive showings ('Anchorman' - $85 million, 'Kicking & Screaming' - $50.7 million, and 'Bewitched' - $20 million opening), he might want to just stick with cameo appearences... or choose some better material. Maybe he's simply reached his peak saturation point (like Paris Hilton, and the TV show Trading Spaces), and America is pretty tired of him. It's no wonder he's going back to making 'Elf 2'. It's the only thing that worked for him.

And since 'Bewitched' can be assumed as a bust, that now leaves Jaime and Jerry as our only perfect contestants (thus far). Jaime and Jerry have control in their hands, and each needs their 'special' pick to keep that edge over everyone else. For Jaime, victory could lie in the fate of 'Wedding Crashers', as only 5 people picked it. The success of that movie would also go a long way for Chris, Kevin and Macke, who have all already picked a couple stinkers, and need to jump back into the race (especially Macke, who this week screwed up with 'Herbie'). As for Jerry, his dreams of victory are riding on 'Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo'. Let's just say that Jerry better hope for the tiebreaker. I still believe that 9 is going to be the magic number.

But who knows how things will shake out. Evidently, the movie industry is in a major slump - http://entertainment.tv.yahoo.com/entnews/ap/20050626/111984834000.html - as this weekend earned 16% less than the same timeframe last summer. Yeahhhh... THAT'S the reason 'Bewitched' bombed. Maybe a movie considered a 'bust' will slip into the #10 slot (Todd would have you believe that 'Dark Water' is that film). We'll see. Up next: 'War of the Worlds'. I'm curious to see if there's a backlash from all the Tom Cruise love/marriage/fake microhone/Matt Lauer/scientology hype.

Oh, and another half-million for 'Howl'. Keep your fingers crossed, Kristen.


Need to make a correction - when I said "This is the first opportunity to separate myself from the other two guys (Jaime and Dario) who have picked perfectly thus far", I should have said Jaime and JERRY. Sorry bud.


Nice opening for 'Batman'... pulling in $71 million since Wednesday. Obviously good enough to be a lock. No one failed to pick it, so no more eliminations (for now). I saw it this afternoon, and really, really enjoyed it. I think everyone here will like it too, unless you're a big fan of the recent overhyped, Schumacher-directed, poorly acted, neon-lit, nipple-wearing, cookie-cutter Batman movies. But hey, maybe that's just my opinion.

The only excitement going on right now is the race for the Bonehead Award. 'Howl' went a little more nationwide... and can now be found in 202 theaters. It made $800,000 this past weekend, and maybe it'll actually surpass the $4.4 million 'Mindhunters' made. How exhilarating!

And I'll admit it. I'm a bit nervous about 'Bewitched' this upcoming weekend. This is the first opportunity to separate myself from the other two guys (Jaime and Dario) who have picked perfectly thus far. Will Ferrell + witchcraft + zany hijinks. How could it possibly go wrong? Ok, maybe the hijinks aren't zany... and maybe they aren't even hijinks at all. But it has an early freshness rating of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes :)


'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' exploded onto the scene this weekend (you like that pun?), with an opening of $51.1 million. Only three people missed out on it, and I had to do a double-take to see that Chapman was one of them. But considering he's one of four fools to pick BOTH 'Kingdom of Heaven' and 'Cinderella Man', I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised. And speaking of 'Cinderella'... $9.5 million in its 2nd weekend. No more talk about it. It's done.

Sad news for Kristen, Ignacy did a little better... or worse. However you want to look at it, we seem to have a new leader for the Bonehead Award (and one that shouldn't be replaced). I was certain that nothing could make less than 'Mindhunters'. Looks like I might be very, very wrong. $400 thousand. THOUSAND. That's how much 'Howl As My Penis Moves' made this weekend. I guess $200 million in Japan equates to $400 thousand in America. Memo to all future movie pool contestants... STAY AWAY FROM ANIME MOVIES. Yes, I know that this movie was in very limited release here in America (only 36 theaters). And yes, I know that that is a very good average for only 36 theaters (approx $11,100 each). However, how many screens should we expect this thing to play on? 500? 1000? Top movies get around 2500-3500 screens. Maybe this thing will keep growing. I seriously doubt it.

Ok, we can already assume that 'Star Wars', 'Madagascar', 'Longest Yard', and 'Smith' are all locks to be Top 10, and everything else already released is a bust. So based on the failures of 'Howl' and 'Kingdom', and the fact that 'Pink Panther' was bumped out of this summer and into February 2006, Ignacy is eliminated from this year's pool - as his remaining picks are edged out by several other players. Seven correct is the best you can do, and that's not going to be enough this year. I'm sorry to see you get bounced so soon. But don't worry, you aren't alone. Having also missed out on 'Smith', Dennis (or Dad, as he's called at home) now has 6 picks remaining. Unfortunately, I also have those same 6 movies. Sorry Dad. At least you went down swinging. Get it? Swinging?... as in 'Cinderella Man'? Wooooooooooo! That was fun :) And by this logic, we can also say goodbye to Chapman, Kurt, Dave, Laura, Kristen, and Richard, as all of their remaining picks are the same as mine, and I'm already one or two up on them. I've never seen so many people eliminated in the first weekend of June. Especially Chapman. Terrible. Sorry, but you're all now spectators. And there's now 13 people remaining.


$18.6 million. That was the opening weekend for 'Cinderella Man'. Some of you better hope that "word of mouth" travels fast.

And I'm really looking forward to this upcoming weekend. No, not because it's the opening weekend for 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith', but because it's the scheduled opening weekend for 'HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE'. The last time someone picked an anime movie, 'Pokemon Heroes' did $700 thousand. Best of luck, Ignacy.


I wonder what Todd is going to say next. Despite some pretty harsh criticism (not just from Todd, but from the majority of film critics), 'The Longest Yard' pulled in $60 million over Memorial Day's 4-day weekend. Not to be outdone, 'Madagascar' did $1 million better. So unless there is some sort of mass boycott, these movies should be considered locks to make Top 10. But then 'Star Wars' said, "hold on there, bitch... those are nice opening weekends, but I'm still #1 around here". Another $70 million. Amazing.

That said, there are only 7 people (Steve, Chris, Jaime, Dario, Bill, Macke, and Jerry) who are 3-for-3 in their picks. No bad picks pissed away, and no movies they missed out on. It's still early, but it's a nice start for them. And look, Mike... all of them are in Jacksonville, you tool. None of them are hicks from Alabama, and all of them were sharp enough not to pick 'Kingdom of Heaven' :)

Note - the 'Last Weekend' figures in the Current Standings are for the 4-day Memorial weekend (Fri-Mon).


Is anyone surprised at the numbers 'Sith' put up? It finished its first weekend as the 2nd highest-grossing opening weekend ever (behind Spider-Man's $114.8 million)... although the cash it made Wed-Thur obviously affected its weekend grossings. Regardless, it made some nice coin, and anyone who put it 2nd or higher will not be disappointed. On a side note, some interesting choices for the trailers before 'Sith' at my showing: Stealth, Cinderella Man, The New World, Batman Begins, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Fantastic Four. A little surprised (not to mention disappointed) to see Cinderella there. I'm guessing THAT'LL help sell some tickets :( And that theater better hope Mr. Lucas doesn't find out that they violated his golden rule of "no more than 5 trailers" preceeding his film... or else they'll get their 'Sith' prints pulled. That'll learn 'em good!

This upcoming weekend, however, will be our next real test (those who did not pick 'Kingdom of Heaven' passed the first one). Only two people didn't pick 'Madagascar', but there's nine of you didn't think highly of 'Longest Yard'. Here's hoping America's love of football and Adam Sandler = big $$$.


Four more summer releases, and still no movie has cracked $30 million in its opening weekend. If you've been paying attention, that means 'Kicking and Screaming' and 'Monster-In-Law' are longshots to make Top 10. I'm not going to even include 'Mindhunters' in this category. As I mentioned on the tagboard late last week, I think we're already looking at our Bonehead Winner for 2005! I mean, just think how much it'll make this week (maybe $1 million)... then another half million the week after that... and then it'll probably be rushed to DVD. What's the over/under for when it hits DVD? Late August? Last year's Bonehead ('Thunderbirds') pulled in a total of $6.8 million. We actually might be witnessing a Top-5 Bonehead of all time! But hey, Kristen is probably looking at winning $20 more than the rest of us, just for making this fantastic pick. Congrats :)

As for 'Unleashed', it's a good thing no one put it on their list. I mean it's a REALLY good thing no one thought that this might have been a good movie. Same with 'Crash' ;)

So after a week and a half, things are already looking grim for Kurt, Kristen and Richard, who have all tossed out two clunkers. But hey, I hear that 'Revenge of the Sith' might make a few bucks. That's the word on the street.


Holy Freaking Cow, I watched House of Wax last night and I have to say that, it now rivals Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever as the worst movie ever. One of the major problems was it was so slow, to the point of being painful. They should just play this thing in the Senate, and it will break up that filibuster, they will be begging to vote. This movie is only worth watching if you enjoy the gore, lots of gore, like Al Gore post election race. I mean every time some one is killed it is just blatant graphic gore. Some of the scenes were down right laughable, they were just so ridiculous. When our villain threw a pole through the head of Paris Hilton they actually made it appear as if there were a real brain up there. Of course I am shocked that it wasn't better, especially when you pull out the big directing guns of Jaume Serra (who?). He pulled out the ol' horror movie rope-a-dope too many times - the Villain is over there, wait no he's not, yes he is, Ahhhhhh! It could have been better if they had they just sped things up, had better acting, and a better script. Oh my God, they even had an amazingly lame ending that left it open for a sequel (No!!! next you will tell me Darth Vader is Luke's father). I know the original is considered a classic, but I never saw it, I just hope that it was better than this. House of Wax gets a rating of 5 out of 5 Vacuums from me.

- Jaime


There's some new additions to the Photo Gallery. Now THAT'S the kind of effort we like to see from our graphically talented friends. Hopefully the cruelness will never stop :) Enjoy!


I'm sorry... I had to post this brilliant e-mail from Todd. This has become an annual event for him, where he calls everyone out at the very start of the summer. For the most part he falls flat on his face ('Osmosis Jones', anyone?), but it did pay off in 2003... although I think everyone won that summer. Anyway, for those of you who don't read your e-mails, here's what you missed:

Hello everyone,

It's finally that time of year for me to review your awful picks, and make some new enemies! Secretly, many of you love this annual email, so shut the hell up.

I have to admit, there are very few dunce picks to speak of. That's the problem when we don't get newbies, and chicks to join the pool-oh well. Everyone looks pretty solid and in the running. But that won't stop me from pointing out some of the ridiculously stupid picks gracing us this summer.

Let's go in order, shall we, damn, this might take a while:

1. Berg, solid picks as usual, solid and predictably boring...but that's our Berg, the man we love to hate! From what I see, you put Longest Yard way too high, but we all know you have a secret crush on Adam Sandler (you have had a hard-on for him for many years now). And Bewitched is going to sink obviously, ala The Stepford Wives (isn't this the same movie actually). You will be in the running this year, but fail again in the end. Too bad, can't seem to win the pool you created for quite some time now??!?

2. Mike, solid as well, but picking the Longest Yard was dumb, obviously you have been hurt by Adam as well in the past, but you should forget about him, he is Berg's man now. But your really stupid pick goes to Cinderella Man. What the F*ck? It's about a depression-era fighter and folk hero, who defeated heavyweight champ Max Baer in a 15-round slugfest in 1935. Yeah that will bring'em out! It screams Summer Blockbuster!

3. Me, well obviously Kingdom will hurt, and I admit Dark Water is my reach, my SpyKids 3d if you will, but hey, gotta take a wild guess somewhere. People like scary movies in the summer, oh yeah and depression era boxing movies.

4. Kurt, man you have the slowest learning curve of any movie pool veteran! But this year you look pretty solid. Charlie & might be too high, Bewitched will be-gone, and Kicking and Screaming will leave the audience disappointed and crying! Have to admit I like Kicking though; it might be the family movie that this summer is blindsided by.

5. Justin, plenty of time to get the Garfield out of you. Very solid picks, but Dukes of Hazzard has Garfield written all over it! And it starts August 5th. I see seven right, meaning early exit for you. Woulda, coulda shoulda...stayed away.

6. Chris, didn't you pick Soulplane last year? Thought so. This year doesn't look so good for you, Cinderella man, Longest yard, Bewitched as I already said above, and Wedding Crashers. I would love to see Wedding do well, but it's a dream. Old school, the successful one in this series, only made 75 mill. Anchorman anyone?

7. Kevin, pretty tight, like Berg's wallet. I see you in the running. Two clearly wrong here.

8. Dave L, very nice, also two wrong!

9. George, also two wrong, tight race this year.

10. Jaime, two wrong.

11. Dario, same. (Redundant) But wow, you have come a long way in this pool; you used to be my bitch.

12. Laura, also growing into her own, could we have a female winner?

13. Bill, interesting, obviously agreeing with me on Dark Water, but at #7? Contender.

14. Mike M, Cinderella, Longest, Wedding, and da da.......Herbie! Do you like tall hats? I think I know of a hat that might fit you! Lindsay Lohan is very talented; don't get me wrong, that cleavage is sure to get the Oscars attention! Thank you, I needed that laugh.

15. Dennis (another Berg?), I see quality picking doesn't run in the family. Three wrong, no prize for you!

16. Kristen, I believe I have been pretty hard on you in the past...it continues. Mindhunters? But hey, I enjoy a reach. Too bad you picked Cinderella, Bewitched, and Kingdom. The dunce award is a reality. Next year make your picks with the term summer blockbuster in mind. A movie you would like to watch while crying in front of the TV, with a huge bowl of ice cream is usually unsuccessful by these standards.

17. Jason, three wrong. But don't think I didn't notice that Deuce Bigalow:European. Wow! Do I really need to comment? And it starts August 12th. 100 mill in two weeks?!?!? Yeah that will happen. Dunnnccccccceeeeerrrrraaaaammmaaa!

18. Ignacy, NEWBIE IN THE HOUSE! Pink Panther (nice cast but), and 3001 (not much info out there, not a good sign) both starting in August. At least you will be the last one out. But the best is Hauru no ugoku shiro or Howl's Moving Castle. Did Berg tell you this pool is domestic gross, that bastard. Always taking advantage of the newbies. Give me a ring, we will talk about him, while watch some anime together.

19. Richard, 4 out and you are out!

20. Larry, finally something good. Monster-In-Law. Anything with Jennifer Lopez is a rock solid hit! She is the female Richard Gere of Hollywood. This has Gigli all over it. Are you even a man, no man would make this pick?

21. Jerry, solid, you will be in the running.

And the preseason dunce award goes to (tough year, so many qualified nominees)...

Larry with Monster-In-Law!

I have said it before, pick a Richard Gere flick, and you win! Call Berg (at Adam's house again) to claim your prize!

Hope everyone has a great summer, no hard feelings, I only meant to offend, and let the hate mail come in!

Go to hell!


Well I wan't liking the poll system we were using, so I picked up one that will allow me much more control and it runs on our servers here at the Home Office, in Wahoo, Nebraska. Now when you vote it will not take you to a seperate page, the page just refreshes by itself and there are the results in fancy bar graph style. Sadly I could not find a way to incorporate smilies, but I am sure Big Gay Al will find a way to pull through. If you are still saying to yourself - What poll? just scroll down a little on the right hand side. There will be a new poll at least twice a week so check in often. Email Berg with any poll suggestions and we will see if they are worthy of posting. Ok, well the technical things should be finished and I doubt you will be hearing from me again this year.

- Jaime


Well because it was easy to do, I went with a third party provider on the tag board and I noticed today that it was not coming up. I tried to go to their web site and it was not there either. It is like this company just dropped off the face of the earth (what do you expect for free, eh?). So I have brought the tag board in house so we dont have these issues again. My apologies to people posted over the weekend you may want to post again; or maybe you are happy your post disappeared? Any way, same rules apply (there are none). I hope that our poll provider doesn’t do the same thing to us....

- Jaime


KAboommmmmmmmm!!! That's the sound of our first bomb of the summer. And it's the earliest bomb I've ever seen. It's too bad for the 14 of you who picked 'Kingdom of Heaven' that we didn't do a Top 20 list. Especially you, Jason... making it your #1 movie. Doh! Did you all know that this movie cost $150 million to make? Wow.

For a movie to crack the Top 10, it needs to make approx $40 million opening weekend to finish near the top. Unless we're talking about a 'Blair Witch', 'Something About Mary' or 'Big Fat Greek Wedding', where word of mouth made them rake in the cash the entire summer. This one won't have the legs to do the same. If you want to compare this to last summer's opening film ('Van Helsing'), Helsing opened with $56 million, and BARELY finished in the Top 10. So sad.


Well I have removed the Forums link, since the tag board seems to be much more of a hit, and I would like to use that database for other things. Enjoy the new banner, and poll questions as well.

- Jaime


FINALLY! I have received 21 submissions, and have posted the grid of all of the movies, as well as everyone's picks. While it is unfortunate that Curt Perone (started 2001) and Biker-chick chose not to play again, it is nice to see some new faces this summer. And speaking of faces... if you are feeling creative, feel free to e-mail me your works of art and I will add them to the Photo Gallery. It's really a shame Biker-chick didn't come back, since she is such a prominent figure in the 2005 Movie Pool poster.

We are looking into adding some new features to this website, including Poll Questions for the main page, as well as a Tagboard for brief messages - as opposed to using the Forum (which died out as the 2004 summer progressed). We'll see what Jaime can come up with.

As for prizes, because we had more than 20 submissions, the Bonehead Award will remain at $20. The winner will receive $190. I will accept more entries, but the cutoff time will be the morning of May 6th. And everyone... please verify that your picks are accurate. Good luck!


I have so far received 13 submissions, and have confirmations that approx 10 more are on the way. When I get these, I'll display everyone's picks. Until then, just wait patiently. If you really really want to see what's already been submitted, let me know and I'll e-mail what I have so far.


The picks are starting to roll in, so be sure to get yours in by May 1st. I've already received some from several newcomers :)

And for those of you who are interested (it was already requested), I will accept PayPal as a form of payment. However, I have a Premier account with PayPal (instead of a Basic account). This means that PayPal deducts a fee from my account for every deposit made (approx 7-10% - bastards!). Anyway, if you want to pay by PayPal, you'll need to pay $11.00 to cover that extra fee. My account is sberg23@yahoo.com. Just shoot me an e-mail to let me know that that's how you're paying.


Time to play! Send in your picks and your cash! The deadline to play (and pay) is May 1st.

E-mail picks to:

Read the rules. Check out the various links. Make fun of the Boneheads. Enjoy!