2007 Summer Movie Pool


A month ago we knew we'd have a first-time winner this year, and now that we're all done, it's time to congratulate Tim Driscoll for winning the 2007 Summer Movie Pool! Tim tied Kurt Weierstall with 9 correct picks, and then just barely edged him in the Deviation Score 16-18. Kurt may have had one movie in its correct place, but surprisingly, Tim had three. Who is this guy? Can anybody confirm he exists (other than Jaime)? One of these years Kurt will win this thing. But this one is sure to sting. Here are this year's payouts:

1st Place - $200.00 - Tim Driscoll
2nd Place - $50.00 - Kurt Weierstall
Bonehead Award - $10.00 - Kristen Fritz

Only three entries to the Hall of Boneheads this year, but all of them were memorable. Kristen seems to have perfected the art of picking the bomb of the summer, so you might not want to "go for the Bonehead" as some of you have considered. While Hector's selection of The Invasion is certainly a worthy entry to The Hall, Kristen has now laid claim to the biggest bomb in the history of the Summer Movie Pool, courtsey of Dead Or Alive. Nice work! And let's not forget how our 3rd movie has introduced the new phrase "You stupid Nancy Drew!". Classic. I'll be updating the Bonehead page shortly.

So now we have to wait until next summer. You thought we had a lot of superhero movies and sequels in '07? Check out Summer '08: Iron Man, Speed Racer, The Chronicles of Narnia 2, Indiana Jones IV, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy 2, Batman 2: The Dark Knight, The Mummy 3... among other big-name films. Should be lots of fun! And let's try to get more people to play next year. 26 was nice, but I want to surpass 30 next year. See you all then!


Only a few days left, and Kurt and Tim are still battling over 1st Place. Four movies in the Top 10 moved around, and the Deviation Score just got a little tighter. As of now, Tim holds a 16-18 edge over Kurt, but I don't think that it will change by Saturday morning (all $$$ are final on Sept 1st, as the last day that counts is Aug 31st). In fact, Ocean's Thirteen should drop 2 more spots by Saturday, which will only hurt Kurt's chances even more. We'll find out this weekend.


Our final picked movie of the summer came out this weekend, and while The Invasion completely bombed, I'm at least happy to say that we didn't have one person who picked a movie that wasn't released this summer. It does seem, however, that we have another beloved R-rated teen comedy for us to enjoy, as Superbad (which only cost $20 million) exceeded all expectations and opened to $31 million. Everyone I know who's seen it has completely loved it (moreso than Knocked Up). Can't wait!

Only 11 days left until the tiebreaker is determined between Kurt and Tim for 1st place. It looks like Transformers will jump to #3 by next weekend (passing Pirates), and Bourne will at least climb to #7 (passing Simpsons)... and possibly as high as #6. And so I said to myself, 'Hey... what if Die Hard hadn't come out on a Wednesday, and didn't make that extra $15 million in 2 days like it did... thus not finishing #10. Or better yet, what if Fantastic Four hadn't completely sucked, and made just $5 million more than its sucky-ass self did." So I re-arranged all of the movies as I just mentioned, to see how we would have fared. To my surprise, 8 people would have gotten 9 right (myself, Kurt, Curt, Justin, George, Dennis, Lafaro and Tim). And respectively, the Deviation Scores would have been: 13, 20, 16, 14, 10, 22, 17, 16. In a tight race, George would have been our winner, with me in 2nd (barely edging Justin). Sorry George... I just had to check it out.


Andddd... that pretty much finalizes the Top 10. The order may change over the next 2 weeks, but we shouldn't see any new entries. Bourne Ultimatum shot past 7 other movies this weekend, and finally (though sadly) knocked out Fantastic Four. That was the break Kurt needed, as he joined Tim as the only ones with 9 correct picks. The only remaining drama is about which person will finish #1. Rush Hour 3 opened to $50 million, keeping Tim alive, so Kurt hasn't clinched it just yet.

What an amazing summer. Transformers became the 4th movie to pass $300 million (and Harry Potter is pretty close to being the 5th). The 4th Die Hard became the highest grossing one of the series. The 3rd Bourne will become its highest grossing film. And as Justin kindly pointed out, even the always-reliable Adam Sandler couldn't crack the list this summer (of course, Chuck and Larry would have made it any other year). Hell, even Kurt, who's only hit 7 correct movies for 4 straight years (and 5 of the last 6), finally got 9 right. Nice work!

One film left: The Invasion. It'll need to open with $100 million to have a shot. Let this be a lesson to everyone that you need to allow enough time for your movies to make money. Rush Hour might make $130 million eventually, but not in 2 more weeks.


Good lord... ANOTHER $70 million opening for a film. The Bourne Ultimatum not only is the 7th movie this summer to open with $70 million, but also set a record for the best August opening ever: Best August Openings

I guess that this clinches it as a Top 10 film, pretty much sealing Susan's fate. She needed it to bomb so that Fantastic Four could stay in the list and keep her chances alive. Hard to believe that a movie that opened with $58 million could only finish with a total of $130 million (killing my chances as well). Stupid Silver Surfer! So now we're down to Kurt and Tim (barring another $70 million opening from Rush Hour 3). Ocean's Thirteen was officially eliminated this past weekend by Simpsons, and Fantastic Four will be next to follow.

This weekend: Rush Hour 3. The 2nd film pulled in $67 million opening weekend in August '01, and I recall catching much hell for picking it in the first place. Maybe this one can give the summer list one last shake-up!


Whoaaa... hold on a second. I was making up a spreadsheet assuming that Bourne opens with $50 million and Rush Hour opens with $40 million, and then simply reducing the weekly and weekend numbers by the standard 50%. If this scenario were to happen, we'd see Bourne and Die Hard finish in 9th and 10th places with approx $138-142 million each. And if this were to happen, Kurt wouldn't be the only one with 9 right... Tim Driscoll would also have 9, as he picked Die Hard. And all I'm going to say is that when figuring out a tiebreaker between the two, it's practically a dead heat. Lucky for you two there's a 2nd place prize.

But if Bourne only pulls in $40 million opening weekend, again assuming a 50% weekly drop, it'll most likely finish at about $116 million, completely missing Top 10. That's how much of a difference $10 million makes in an opening weekend. If it does miss, then Susan won't be the only one with 9 right. The other person........ Tim! And their tiebreaker is also pretty close. So regardless of what happens to Fantastic Four and Bourne, Tim has both. And that's crap for the rest of us. C'mon, Tim, say something on the board! Let us know you exist! You too, Susan. I changed my mind... I'm pulling for Chuck and Larry!!!


Well then, I guess that this means that the TV show will go on another 10 years. Despite all of the positive reviews it received, even for a show that has gotten very dull, no one could have predicted such an amazing opening for The Simpsons. Evidently the fanbase was still very strong, as it opened with $71 million... the 5th best opening this year: Best 2007 Openings

It's not only the 5th best July opening of all time... Best July Openings

...but also the 3rd best opening ever for an animated film: Best Animated Openings

Everyone I know who's seen it has liked it, and I'll be going to see it this week. So, with one month remaining, I've added a counter above every name for your current Top 10. However, we're about to have another shake-up in the Top 10 (likely next week), as Ocean's Thirteen will be dropping out to make room for Simpsons. And Die Hard should also pass Fantastic Four in the next week or so. With so many big movies this year, it looks like Fantasic Four will be sitting in 10th place with $129 million. That'll be a tough task for Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3 and even Chuck and Larry. Ok, I know I'm foolishly rooting for Chuck, as it only dropped 44%, providing just a hint of hope. But as much of a bust as Fantastic Four is (what a piece of crap!), it did pull in $97 million after 10 days (Chuck is only at $71 million). C'monnnn, word of mouth!

Next weekend... our last real biggie that 17 of us picked: The Bourne Ultimatum. The first film surprised everyone by making Top 10 in 2002 with $121 million (which I didn't pick). The second film completely rocked in summer 2004, earning $176 million (which I also didn't pick). So this time I picked Part 3. Now watch it tank.

Actually, this is interesting... I think we're down to a 2-person race, and it depends on Bourne. Assuming Rush Hour fails to make Top 10 (it only has 3 weekends to do it), and knowing Simpsons will knock out Ocean, we're likely down to Kurt and Susan. We haven't heard from Susan all summer, so I hope she's still paying attention, but I was mistaken about Die Hard. The word of mouth has been so good (it only dropped 24% this week!!!), that it's pretty much a lock. So assuming the above, Susan will already have 9 movies, with none really in jeopardy. But if Bourne makes it, Kurt will have 9 right, as he didn't pick Fantastic Four. If it misses, Susan should be our winner. Me? I'm pulling for Rush Hour to screw everything up :)


Damnnn... not the opening that I had hoped for Chuck and Larry. Now I (and 6 others) have to sweat it out and hope that its $35 million opening was enough to finish at #10. Yes, the total looks bad, as it doesn't measure up with any other summer Sandler film. But if you look closer, it only opened in 3,495 theaters. Was it the 'gay' theme that made theater owners nervous? (I'm guessing Utah didn't have many showings of it.) Almost $10,000/screen is fantastic... but the decision to limit its release was a killer. Hopefully (again, for only 7 of us) it'll open in more theaters this weekend, which will help its 2nd weekend percentage drop. You know what else hurt it? Friggin' Hairspray also opening this weekend with a stunning $28 million! Nice timing there, Universal. Clearly they wanted to grab the female audience, and they happend to open against the only marquee chick-flick this summer. Just one month earlier, and Chuck and Larry would have opened in the mid $40's.

It's pretty evident that Ocean's Thirteen will drop out in a matter of weeks, so no one is going to have a perfect score this year. But Die Hard just keeps on rolling... with only a 35% drop this weekend. It just jumped up to #9, and in a couple weeks it'll likely pass Fantastic Four. At least it was a really good film.

Opening this weekend... one of our two remaining biggies: The Simpsons Movie. Half of us picked it, and with everyone's 8-10 movies up in the air, this weekend is critical.


One week later... ANOTHER blockbuster! After setting the record for the best Wednesday Opening ever with $44 million: Best Wednesday Openings

...which also happened to be the 5th best Opening Day ever: Best Opening Days

...Harry Potter wrapped up the weekend with $77 million, for 5-Day total of $140 million... good for 6th place all time: Best 5-Day Openings.

Well, Evan Almighty finally dropped out of the Top-10, and it won't be the last one to do so. There are, arguably, 4 big movies remaining, and Die Hard, Ocean's, and even Fantastic Four look shaky. I'm sure we can all agree that the current Top-7 movies are locks.

Opening this weekend: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Hairspray. Going back to 1998's The Waterboy, all of Adam Sandler big releases (3,000+ theaters) made Top-10. Even Mr. Deeds opened to $37 million. Yet surprisingly, only 7 people picked it. I guess the rest of you will learn your lession! :)


Kee Koo Kee Koo Kee! (you like that, David?) Now THAT'S a summmer blockbuster! Transformers shattered the record for a Tuesday: All Time Tuesday

...which was also the 20th biggest opening ever (and 7th biggest for a non-Friday opening). It also had the 8th best performance ever for a movie's first 6 days: Best 6-Day Opening

It's already the #4 movie this summer, and I don't see anything passing it. Meanwhile, no other major surprises. Ratatouille only dropped 38% in its 2nd weekend (nice), Die Hard 4 dropped 48% (typical), and Knocked Up only dropped 29% (that's just sick).

Next weekend: another no-brainer in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. No surprise here, as everyone picked it fairly high on their lists (except Susan - who put it #8). But she's still the front runner, and word-of-mouth might really carry Die Hard for a while. Well here's one person who saw it and didn't pay for it! :P


Alright... now we're getting to the good stuff. Two biggies opened this past weekend, and while both didn't do as well as their projections, they still ended up with strong numbers. Ratatouille continued the streak of trustworthy Pixar openings, earning $47 million. However, it happened to be the 3rd lowest Pixar opening of the 8 films (Cars opened with $60 mil last year). Only Toy Story and A Bug's Life (the first two films) did worse.

Opening two days early, Die Hard 4 started with a $15 mil cushon, and wound up with a total of $48 mil. That $33 mil weekend performance is concerning, though, as it might only make $17 mil next weekend... possibly not enough for Top 10.

And let's not forget what comes out this weekend. Or I should say, tomorrow. Another 'lock' pick, (Transformers) officially opens on Tuesday the 3rd, but theaters will already be showing it on screens starting tonight. I can't imagine any other action movie making any cash once this thing comes out.

Meanwhile, Knocked Up keeps chugging along (will probably hit the $150 mil mark), Fantastic Four is fading (will be lucky to make $140 mil), Ocean's Thirteen is hanging on (but still don't think it'll make $125 mil), and Evan Almighty looks done ($15 mil in weekend #2 is not a good thing).

I'm planning on seeing both Transformers and Die Hard tomorrow... doing the ol' "pay for one, then afterwards walk into another" routine. My brain should be mush when it's all over.


Another week... another less-than-stellar opening for a film. This time it was Evan Almighty that underachieved. I'm sure $32 million isn't what you expected if you had it on your list (Bruce Almighty opened with $68 million), and I guess we'll have to wait until next weekend to see the drop in attendance. Unfortunately for Evan, there will be two new big movies coming out this week.

Meanwhile, Knocked Up keeps plugging away with another $10 million earned... only a 24% drop from last weekend. And Ocean's Thirteen is still hanging around, making $11 million over the weekend. Ok, it's going to easily hit $100 million. But all I can think of is the summer of 2005, where 9 of the 10 movies made at least $150 million. This could be that kind of summer, where some decent performances don't make the cut.

And now comes one of the most crucial weekends of the summer. We're at the point where people are looking at others' picks, and gauging their chances against everyone else's. Well, Die Hard 4 is now one of our 'swing' movies, as it opens this Wednesday. Only 9 people picked it, but considering what I said a week ago about Susan's picks, this movie becomes critical. Ratatouille also comes out this weekend, and interestingly enough, Susan was one of 8 people who did NOT pick it. It must have taken some courage to decide against a Pixar film.


Ok, no big surprise that Fantastic Four 2 will make Top 10, as it pulled in $57 million this past weekend (surpassing the opening of the first film). Three of you didn't pick it, and... that's a shame. Two of us have already seen it, and they both liked it for its mindless fun. I'll be seeing it this week.

A couple other movies opened this weekend, and boy, did they bomb! $7 million for Nancy Drew? From what I've heard, they completely butchered the character of the book for this film to attract a new audience, and I suppose they get what they deserve, as the kids definitely stayed away. This is really gonna hurt Jim's and Sean's chances, as it will kill their Deviation Score. But not as badly as Kristen's. She seems to have that magical touch for finding the true stinker of the summer, and I believe she nailed it this year. DOA opened a week earlier than expected, and I guess that was to rush it to Blockbuster. It's bad enough that it only opened in 500 theaters (the average opening is about 3,500), but it only made $200,000! Those are Pokemon Heroes numbers! At least she'll get $10 for it.

And now, let's focus on the surprise hit of the summer. I just KNEW that Knocked Up would do well, but I didn't have the cojones to put it on my list. The big deal isn't that it's currently sitting at $90 million... ok, that really is a big deal. But what's more amazing is that it's only dropping 25% from week to week. A few more weeks of $10 million here and $8 million there, and this thing will be sitting at $125 million (what I believe is the magic mark this summer). This is great news for the the four of you who had faith in it, but while Chapman, Kurt and Lafaro seemingly wasted away their opportunity by also picking Ocean's Thirteen, Susan didn't make the same mistake. As it stands now, assuming that it makes Top 10, I would say that she's the frontrunner. Of course, her chances will still depend on Die Hard 4 to maintain her lead.

Next weekend: Evan Almighty. I still don't laugh when I see the previews. That can't be a good thing.


Looks like we have another movie that didn't exactly meet expectations. While Ocean's Thirteen did make $37 million this weekend, it was the worst opening of all three Ocean films. In a summer where 10th place might make around $120 million, I don't see this movie reaching that amount.

And I suppose we can already cross Surf's Up off the list, as it opened to only $18 million. I think people are finally tired of the penguins.

Next weekend: Fantastic Four 2 and, as Todd would say... "You stupid Nancy Drew!"


Hmmmmm... not the opening that 4 of you had hoped for. Knocked Up didn't do terribly, but I don't think $29 million will get it done. Maybe word of mouth will save it. We'll know next weekend when we see the 2nd weekend drop in percentage. Anyone here see it yet?

It looks like Pirates 3 might be gaining ground on Shrek 3. It's currently only $38 million behind, and it outgained Shrek by $17 million this past weekend. While its 2nd weekend total was less than Shrek's: All Time 2nd Weekend

...it did eclipse $200 million one day faster than Shrek: Fastest to $200 million

Next weekend: this one's huge! 16 of 26 people picked Ocean's Thirteen. I hope it's good (I want to see it), but not THAT good. And I read that it'll have the trailer for Will Smith's vampire movie: I Am Legend :)

Oh, let's not forget that Mario's got Surf's Up next weekend too. He's going with that animated film instead of Pixar's Ratatouille this summer. Best of luck.


Nice Memorial Day Weekend for Pirates 3, but that's all it was... nice. Nothing earth-shattering or record-breaking. Sure, it's the biggest Memorial Day opening ever: All Time Memorial Day Weekends

But it still needed 4 full days (plus a Thursday night) to equal the amount that Spidey 3 made in its 3-day opening weekend. Here's where all three of our Summer movies ranked after the first 3 days: All Time 3-Day Openings

And before anyone gets too excited about this weekend's opening of Pirates 3, here's the same list after 4 days: All Time 4-Day Openings

No one missed out on any of the Big Three, but now things are going to get interesting. Opening this weekend is Knocked Up... the R-rated comedy from the same director who brought you The 40-Year Old Virgin. It's getting great reviews, but with no major stars and that R-rating... I just don't know. 4 people picked it, including Chapman and Kurt. I'm curious how that drunken conversation went, when they both agreed to pick this movie.


FINALLY, Todd got around to do his annual analysis/rant of everyone's picks for me to post... and boy, did he put some serious work into this one. We have lots of newcomers this year, so here is your introduction to my friend... Todd. Hope you all have thick skin, as he's only having fun. Enjoy!

"Hello all, well another year of picking the best... errr biggest grossing movies of the summer is already on its way. Last year saw Devo pull a rabbit out of ass again?!?!? Him winning it, again, or in this case, me writing it, and reliving the experience over again, is enough to make me want to go all reverse peristalsis with my Salsarita burrito I am currently devouring. Moving on, let us get to the warful picks many of you have committed. In order;

1. Devo. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. God, has Sandler made anything besides Punch Drunk Love worth watching? And don't say Happy Gilmore, it wasn't that good, and he played the same exact role he always does. Now I know, many of you pretended to enjoy The Wedding Singer, because you were hoping to score with the girl, homosexual, transvestite, etc that you were with that night at the local Blockbuster, but come on, it also wasn't very good. Billy Idol saves the day? I would fu*# him up. Being that Sandler gets me every year by not picking him, and stupid Americans get me every year, by going to see him, this once again will probably be the movie I lose to. What should I expect from the same people that gave me G.W. for "Commander Guy?"
Simpson's Movie. Man I hope you are right on this one Devo, but for the reasons already stated in the last paragraph (mainly stupid Republicunt Americans with no sense of humor), it will not make top ten.

2. Mike. Knocked Up. I remember you telling me about this one, and I have to admit, I thought you were suckering me on a stupid pick. Turns out you really did believe this piece of crap could be a surprise hit?!?!? Too bad kid, you looked pretty solid otherwise. No perfect game for you.

3. Me. Live Free or Die Hard-on. Todd, sometimes your meathead-ness gets the best of you. Does America really need another Die Hard? The fourth in an epic series is rarely any good. Isn't there enough steroid filled, mindless garbage coming out of Hollywood? Apparently not, as once again you are the dolt in line, waiting for John McClane to save the day. Maybe the steroid filled testosterone running thru your body has finally shut off all the creative processing of your brain. Yippe Kiyya stupid Motherf*****!!

4. Kurt. Knocked Up. You picked this probably because it feeds your greatest fear, knocking up one of the many skanks you porked recently. My guess is... you will see this movie as to prepare yourself for the unavoidable condom break accident in your future. Yes, it's a shame, you throw a mean party and I love seeing you in bar-attack mode. Aerosmith say "Dude Looks Like a Lady."

5. Curt. Ocean's 13. Why do Hollywood's best actors sign on for this fecal matter? But overall, probably your best year of picks ever... for you. We used to work together, and I have seen you grow. You used to be an every year Dunce award guarantee. Too bad, Simpson's and O-ring 13 will fail you, and you will lose out by one pick.

6. Justin. Simpson's. But man, this could be your year. Of course, me saying that has just jinxed you. Remember when you thought Garfield looked good?!? I liked you better stupid. Please pick more movies with big juggy stars, as their only redeeming quality, in the future. This new, boring Justin, we can do without.

7. David. Ocean's 13. But you too look to be in the running. I don't know you well enough to insult you, but I see you picked Poseidon last year! Ha! Idiot!

8. George. Simpson's. Looking good. Last year you picked The Break-Up. So you must be comfortable with your feminine side. In this case, comfortable with your vagina.

9. Jaime. Ocean's 13 maybe. Of course, I have never seen so much movie hype. There are ads for it all the time. You win, give you the money now. Besides, you build a nice website.

10. Laura. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Kevin James, from that horrible "King of Queens" show, is so bad. CBS, home of the fat guy, married to a hot wife way out of his league, network, should be shutdown. Leah Remini can look so good, or look so bloated?!?! You should have cheated harder off of David's sheet of picks. Better than when you picked Lady in the Water last year! Shamamamalan-shamala ding dong, was due for a bomb I guess. How could you have known? You are just a girl.

11. Bill. Ocean's at 6? Simpson's. I Now Pronounce You... gay!

12. Dennis. Tied with 8 right with 20 others. No soup for you!

13. Kristen. Hairspray? Fu*$in Hairspray?!?! I promised myself I was going to go easy on you before I started writing this, but come on?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!? Not only does this look like the worst movie idea-EVER, it kind of looks scary. Travolta, and his horrifying make up job, please stop. You were cool for one movie! Once again, chalk up religion as the main cause of stupidity today, and murder and child molestation... well the list goes on. I thought I was done Kristen, and you begged that I would be, but noooo! You had to pick DOA- Dead or Alive. Only the most senile person would pick this movie, so you must be; an over 80 blue-hair, killing the hot dreams I have had about you for so long. Or maybe you were blinded by its cast of hot, juggeesque, super fit stars? Suddenly, I am dreaming of you again. Or maybe, you picked this to lock up the dunce award. If the latter, I am calling it. Devo, you have to at least try to earn the dunce award!

14. Jason. Ocean's. Simpson's. Die Hard. But best of all Rush Hour 3! I do not know, but it's probably too late, and too stupid to rekindle the spirit of the first 2. I predict you will finish in last place.

15. Larry. Second last place!

16. Mario. Every year, it gets a little harder to make fun of you people. For one second, I have renewed hope for mankind. Fortunately, we always have Kristen, and now Mario! I want to make fun of you for so much, from Shrek too low on the charts; to I Now Pronounce..., but wait, what do I see? Surf's Up? Ohh those lovable Penguins! How we stupid Americans love them. My daughter makes me take her to every friggin Penguin movie that comes out. Dancing creatures, singing creatures, it all sucks. And they keep coming? Between them, is another animated ant movie?!?!?! You will dunce it up, or look like a genius. Reminds me of my Spy Kids 3d pick a few years back. I smell duncarenos! Yuuummmyyy, delicious!

17. Lafaro. Knocked Up. Knocked out.

18. Greg. Rush Hour 3. Ocean's way too high.

19. Ryan. Third last. So you can at least pick on Mario.

20. Sean. NANCY fu*$in DREW! Oh no you didn?t?!?! Kristen, sit down. You may be off the hook. Get this; Emma Roberts (makes my loins hurt) plays a teen detective, who stumbles upon a movie star's possible murder. Brilliant! Also stars Rachel Leigh Cook (loins now burning). It ends with them in a three-way with teen heartthrob, now newborn Christian, "Growing Pains" star Kirk Cameron. NOW THAT'S SCREENWRITING!

21. Jim. You cheated off of Sean?!?!? Didn't you ever learn how to cheat? You cheat off the smart kid. I thought for sure that Sean was the only one to pick Nancy Drew. Man I hope you are 15-18 years old. Adults should not even know about this movie. I had to do a lot of research just to find out what it was. I thought it was some kind of douching product at first.

22. Sponge. Use a real name, you stupid Nancy Drew! You will lose anyway.

23. Steven. When I see your name, I think of "South Park's" Butters. Then I sing it in my head. He is an awesome character. You are not him. Actually maybe you are. Both pretty feminine. I mean, you did pick Hairspray?!?!?

24. Susan (using whole name here-have to) FOX-Sanchez. Wow, you must be hot. IT'S IN YOUR NAME-FOX. Even Sanchez is usually hot. Seriously, do a Google. Roselyn Sanchez, Lauren, Marta, and... ta da... Playmate Stacy Sanchez. Loins on FIRE. Stick with modeling. Your picks blow.

25. Hector. Name is not hot. Poindexter. And your picks are possibly the worst here. Hairspray. Rush Hour 3, and drum roll please... The Invasion. Doh! Kidman, good. Aliens, good. Director Oliver Hirschbiegel, not so good. Late release, bad. I think I have had many a late night pounding down a few Hirschbiegels - dems good beers! Uhhhmm, German beers, only second to Bavarian beers.

26. Tim. Last but not... well last. You will be tied for third with many others. Like your love life; dull, predictable and requiring batteries, your picks leave something to be desired. Don't let it get to you, sun shines on a dog's ass some days.

Pre-tournament Dunce Awardee is... so tough. Multiple possibilities here with Nancy Drew, Hairspray, or Surf's Up... but I am going with...

Kristen, for DOA-Dead or Alive. There are not enough horny 13 year olds in this world to make this movie successful. They have internet porn for that now.

Well, that's all I have folks. Hope you enjoyed it. I know I feel better. I have to go now. It's "personal" time for me, the cast of Nancy Drew, and a room full of girls by the last name of Sanchez. Don't hate the playa, hate the game, as the kids say-I think."



Whoops... I was on the road so long that I totally forgot about updating the site. Sorry. That Game 6 in Anaheim was AWESOME! Lord, do I hate the Red Wings, and I got to see them lose the series to the Ducks :) And believe me when I say that I'm tired. My travels over the last 5 days took me from Jacksonville-Charlotte-Detroit-Nashville-Los Angeles-Anaheim-Nashville-Jacksonville. I'm exhausted.

Well, only now did I see that Shrek 3 pulled in $122.5 million over the weekend (which includes nearly $1 million from the Thursday evening shows). That's obviously impressive, but a bit off pace from Spidey 3: All Time Opening Weekends

That falls right in line with the results of our poll question, as the majority of us believed that it would finish between $100 and $125 million. I guess we'll see if it has more staying power than Spidey. I say no. And has anyone seen it yet? I've updated and posted the Weekly Spreadsheet, and I'll get the Standings updated tomorrow. Once again, everyone is perfect.

Another big one this weekend: Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I'm seeing it early next week.


A quiet weekend, as no new movies jeopardized our Top 10 lists. Everyone's still doing perfectly! Spider-Man 3 saw a 60% drop in its 2nd weekend (50% is always the desired amount), but no one's really going to complain after the record-breaking 1st weekend it experienced. Hell, any movie that makes $60 million in its FIRST weekend would be a lock for Top 10.

That $60 million in weekend #2 was the 4th highest amount ever: All Time 2nd Weekends

It also was the 4th fastest movie to $200 million: Fastest to $200 million

For now, this weekend's results can be viewed in the Weekly Spreadshets section. I'll have the Standings updated later this afternoon. As for this past weekend's films, Richard (who unfortunately couldn't return to play this summer) saw 28 Weeks Later, and he said that it was pretty a tense film... possibly liking it more than the first movie. Interesting.

Next weekend is a BIGGIE: Shrek the Third. Not much more that needs to be said.


Weekend #1 is done, and if you haven't already heard, Spider-Man 3 set a new record for an Opening Weekend, earning $151 million in 3 days. Obviously everyone picked it, and unless it suffers a larger than normal drop-off in weekend #2, we're looking at the top movie of the summer. And with no major openings this weekend, it's got another full week all to itself.

Next weekend: 28 Weeks Later... and Delta Farce. I want everyone to know that Ryan really, really, really wanted to pick Farce.


With Bill's help, I fixed the vertical names in the Standings page. Everyone needs to double-check their picks to confirm accuracy.


Alrighty, all picks are in, and we've got 26 entries this year. We lost 12 people from last year (for one reason or another), but we did pick up a bunch of new ones. So with 6 fewer entries than last year, our payouts will be reduced. This year, the payouts will be:

1st Place - $200.00
2nd Place - $50.00
Bonehead Award - $10.00

There's been a couple requests to make the Bonehead $20.00 and 2nd place $40.00, but I simply can't justify paying the Bonehead winner half of what 2nd place makes.

I've got the 'Picks' page updated, with the names color-coded to where they appear in the Standings. That page has also been updated, though we still need to fix the vertical names. PHP sucks!

After looking at everyone's picks, as we pretty much expected, there's a main group of about 6-7 movies that most everyone has selected. Nothing too crazy this year... ok, I take that back. I think Kristen's DOA: Dead or Alive qualifies as crazy. And I'll add Hector's August 17th release of The Invasion as well. He's new, so go easy. Mario took a chance on Surf's Up, while ommiting Ratatouille. Good luck with that. And we have 3 selections of Hairspray. I'd like to make fun of this, but after 2006's Devil Wears Prada and 2005's Monster-In-Law, we need to have more respect for the chick-flick. Jim and Sean (new guys) are both going for the kid-dollar with Nancy Drew, and 4 others took Knocked Up. I really really wanted to pick that movie... but there were simply too many options this year. Hope it's good anyway.

Good luck to everyone!

Dead or Alive? C'monnnnnnnn. lol


I've had a couple requests for paying via PayPal. The following info has been added to the 'Rules' section of the website:

If you'd like to pay via PayPal, you'll need to pay an extra dollar to cover the fee that I get charged for each transaction. Send $11.00 to sberg23@yahoo.com.


Don't forget, picks are due no later than Tuesday, May 1st!

And I just got a notice in the mail that made me sad. Evidently, Premiere magazine is going out of business (though their website will still remain). That means no more Summer Movie Preview issue :( To those of you who don't know, this entire Summer Movie Pool began back in Summer 1998, when Chapman and I worked in Orlando (along with Todd). I had been a subscriber to Premiere since '91, and shortly after I started work in Orlando in '98, I showed Chapman my Summer Move Preview issue and commented on how stupid some of their selections were. And in typical Steve/Chapman form, the conversation quickly shifted to "I can get more picks right than you"... "No you can't"... "You're an idiot"... and so on. So we drew up our lists, and as it turned out, I think we both picked better than Premiere's rankings. But now no more magazines to look forward to in late April/early May. Yes, we can still go online, but it simply won't be the same.

And in even sadder news, I still have a year to go in my subscription, and they informed me that they'll instead send US Weekly for the balance of my subscription. Thanks alot.


Welcome back, everyone! Hopefully you're all currently working on your picks. The invite e-mail has already been sent out to all of the returning players, and I am currently in the process of updating the pages of the website. The tagboard and poll question are still working properly, and I've removed that inaccurate site counter. If anyone can find a FUNCTIONAL counter, let Jaime know so he can add it. Has anyone even heard from Jaime? He's hopefully creating a new header banner... but if you can make one better, feel free to do so. And don't forget, your picks (and $$$) are due by May 1st