2010 Summer Movie Pool


Before we go any further, let's again congratulate Special K for FINALLY winning a Summer Movie Pool! The guy's been playing a longgggg time (going back to '01) and even came as close as 2nd Place back in '07 (he's probably still cursing Die Hard 4 to this day). But this year, K stood alone in a completely wacky summer with 8 correct picks. Apparently it took a f'd-up summer like this for him to finally win. I mean, nearly everyone had a black hole smack in the middle of their selections. Karate Kid? Jackie Chan hasn't had a top-10 film since Rush Hour 2 back in '01! Grown Ups? Sandler's been close in recent years, but hasn't done it since Click in '06 (damn you Chuck and Larry!!!). So despite his Greek desires failing miserably (finishing 20th)... as well as his fascination with anything Sex and the City doing him wrong (highest ranker at 3rd but finished 13th)... K still got a couple nice surprises (Airbender and Salt) to keep him ahead of the rest of us. Once again... congrats!

As for #2....... Curt appeared to have that spot locked up going into the final weekend (with Ed in 3rd), as there were 8 people with 7 correct picks. But once The Other Guys jumped up a couple more spots it allowed Ed to pull into a tie with Curt, as both of them finished with Deviation Scores of 28. The result? They get to split the combined 2nd and 3rd Place prizes. Enjoy! Curt's also been a long time player (also going back to '01), and if I'm not mistaken I believe this is the first time he's won any cash. Glad to see something's finally gone his way. Here's the final runner-up Deviation Score breakdown:

Curt - 28
Ed - 28
Sean - 31
Dennis - 34
Laura - 40
Arjun - 44
David G. - 46
Anita - 77

We even had a nice little race for the Bonehead Award this summer, as Anita seemingly had it wrapped up during the first few weeks of May, courtesy of Mother and Child's $1.1 million. But as soon as Survival of the Dead churned out just $50K in late May, we all knew who the real winner was. Congrats to Nick for being forever immortalized in the Hall of Boneheads!

So what did we learn this summer?
1) Even if they have no point whatsoever, animated films sell... especially if they have dumb characters that children can relate to (or at least brightly colored). So few of us picked Despicable Me, and apparently WE'RE the dumb ones.
2) Moves based on video games DO NOT sell. The last one to make the list? Tomb Raider in '01.
3) Sex does not necessarily sell. Only $95 mil for the sequel after $152 mil for the original? Doh!
4) Pixar is king. We all (ok, nearly all of us) knew that Toy Story 3 would do well. But the #9 movie ALL TIME? Goodness! It also recently became the first Pixar to surpass $1 billion worldwide!!
5) America is sick of Tom Cruise. Wish I got the memo. I actually hear that it was a kinda fun movie. But no one cares.
6) America loves Angelina Jolie. Would Mr. & Mrs. Smith have done as well without her? Wanted? Salt? She single-handedly carried these films to Top-10 status (ok, Brad Pitt helped in Smith, but you get what I mean).
7) Adam Sandler is back (as long as he has Kevin Smith AND David Spade AND Chris Rock AND Rob Schneider in supporting roles).
8) America isn't as dumb as I thought. Thank you, Chris Nolan, for Inception. And thank you, America, for actually supporting it.
9) Ok, America actually IS pretty dumb. IT WASN'T EVEN KARATE IN THE KARATE KID!!!!!!!!!
10) But then again, if it were that dumb, A-Team would have made the list, right? That movie was FUN! I'm so confused.

Here are this year's payouts:

1st Place - $290.00 - Kurt Weierstall
2nd Place (tie) - $35.00 each - Curt Perone & Ed Acayan
Bonehead Award - $10.00 - Nick Marsilio

Glad you all played this year, and I hope you had fun seeing so many of us completely suck this year. I know that some of you particularly enjoyed watching me struggle along to only 5 correct picks... but just know that our '08 winner also got only 5 right. That's right, Justin... don't be too quick to point the finger at me :) Thanks to those of you who added to our Photo Gallery. And what kind of Gallery would it be without some sort of celebration by Special K for finally winning? I've got three words for you... DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!!


Alright, we now know that Special K has this thing won, as he will finish as the only person with 8 correct picks. Congrats, buddy! But the real question at this point is who's taking 2nd and 3rd? The Top 10 is definitely locked in, and we have 8 people with 7 correct picks (Curt, Laura, Dennis, David G., Ed, Anita, Sean and Arjun). While there will be some flip-flopping of positions by next Wednesday, I still decided to calculate the current Deviation Scores for each of them. Here are their current scores:

Curt - 26
Ed - 28 (5 movies only 1 spot off)
Sean - 28
Dennis - 32 (2 movies in their correct spots)
Laura - 37
David G. - 43
Arjun - 45
Anita - 75 (3 words... Mother and Child)

I can't speculate what might happen between now and Wednesday to affect these scores, but I'll have the final results at that time.

Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) The Last Exorcism - 17m (17m)
2) Takers - 15.5m (15.5m)
3) The Expendables - 10.2m (83.2m)
4) Eat Pray Love - 7.8m (61.7m)
5) The Other Guys - 6.5m (99.5m)
6) Avatar - 6m (754.8m)
7) Inception - 5.8m (271.5m)
8) Nanny McPhee Returns - 5.5m (18.3m)
9) Vampires Suck - 5.3m (28.3m)
10) Piranha 3D - 5.2m (19.6m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
The Last Exorcism = 65% (67% by the Top Critics)
Takers = 29% (29% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
The Last Exorcism = 2,874
Takers = 2,206
Avatar = 811

Last week's poll question... the highest-grossing French remake of all time is actually Three Men and a Baby with $167 million. The majority incorrectly picked True Lies, which only made $146 million.


Is this pool really over already? As of this morning, Salt is now our #10 movie. 27 people just lost Robin Hood, and while 8 of them simply offset that loss by picking Salt, 3 others gained a selection by not picking Hood at all. The big winner is Kurt, who is now the only one with 8 correct picks. As I've said before, I still don't see The Other Guys leapfrogging Salt... not when it's continually tracking less each weekend. Let's all hope that The Expendables duplicates last weekend's fine $34 million opening... just to break Kurt's heart :)

This weekend: of the 5 movies released this week, only one was picked (Nick's Piranha 3D). Unless it shatters the record for an August release, it has no chance to play spoiler... not this late in the summer. Fail.

Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Vampires Suck - 17m (23.5m)
2) The Expendables - 15m (63.8m)
3) Eat Pray Love - 13m (48m)
4) Piranha 3D - 11m (11m)
5) Lottery Ticket - 10.8m (10.8m)
6) Nanny McPhee Returns - 10.5m (10.5m)
7) The Other Guys - 10m (88.3m)
8) Inception - 7.7m (262m)
9) The Switch - 6.5m (6.5m)
10) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - 4.8m (20.7m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Piranha 3D = 82% (n/a% by the Top Critics)
Nanny McPhee Returns = 79% (64% by the Top Critics)
The Switch = 47% (53% by the Top Critics)
Lottery Ticket = 31% (45% by the Top Critics)
Vampires Suck = 4% (9% by the Top Critics). Fail.

Theater count:
Vampires Suck = 2,978
Nanny McPhee Returns = 2,783
Piranha 3D = 2,470
The Switch = 2,012
Lottery Ticket = 1,973

Last week's poll question... the highest-grossing stop-motion animated film of all time was actually Chicken Run with $106 million. The vast majority picked The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it only made $75 million combined from all six releases. Fail.


Ok, so at this point nearly all of us realize that we have no chance at winning. In fact, for the first time in years I don't there's any possible way that First Place will come down to a tiebreaker. We had no turnover in the Top 10 as of Monday, but its only a matter of time for Salt to surpass Robin Hood's $105 million. Hood has actually already left theaters (Close Date 8/5), making things even easier for Salt, which has only suffered percentage losses in the 40's for the past couple weeks. That will greatly benefit Kurt, as he is the only person currently with 7 correct picks who picked Salt AND did not pick Hood (both will simply flip-flop the 10th and 11th placements). Arjun will then drop from 8 to 7... but he does have another movie (Eat Pray Love) coming out this weekend. Will it open well enough, and will it have enough time? Not likely for either. But before we award Kurt any victory, there's also The Other Guys which opened to a healthy $35 million. Weekend #2's percentage drop is going to be VERY interesting, as Anita's hopes hinge on it.

I've actually taken the time to create a couple projections based on different movies at #10. These can be seen in the Weekly Spreadsheets page. We already know that Robin Hood will get bounced from #10. In the '2010 Projections - Salt' file, I've got Salt barely edging out The Other Guys, and both surpassing Robin Hood. Kurt would then be the only one with 8 correct picks. In the '2010 Projections - Other Guys' file, I have the exact opposite. If that were to happen... as crazy as it sounds... Anita (who also nearly picked the Bonehead) would then be the only one with 8 correct. Amazing! I won't bother going into the possibilities for any of the 4 remaining films unless we see a colossal opening weekend.

Next weekend: Only 4 picked movies remain, and 3 of them come out this weekend. But with only 3 weekends remaining this summer, they'll have to open with at least $50 million just to have a chance. Other than Arjun's (Eat Pray Love), one person has Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Has anything been more hyped this summer? It better be damn good!), and another has The Expendables. At this point those two are only playing spoiler.

Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) The Expendables - 30.5m (30.5m)
2) Eat Pray Love - 28m (28m)
3) The Other Guys - 17.5m (70.7m)
4) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - 17m (17m)
5) Inception - 10.8m (248.2m)
6) Step Up 3D - 7.2m (29.8m)
7) Despicable Me - 6.2m (221.7m)
8) Salt - 5.5m (103m)
9) Dinner For Schmucks - 4.8m (57.5m)
10) Cats & Dogs 2 - 4m (35.2m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World = 78% (76% by the Top Critics)
The Expendables = 45% (36% by the Top Critics)
Eat Pray Love = 40% (32% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
The Expendables = 3,270
Eat Pray Love = 3,082
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World = 2,818

Last week's poll question... James Cameron's first full-length film was actually Piranha Part Two: The Spawning in 1981. While The Terminator was the popular choice, it actually came out in 1984.


The Other Guys
From the Desk of David Logan

The Other Guys is getting a 77 on Rotten Tomatoes right now, with almost everyone saying it is Will Ferrells best movie since Anchorman. This movie looks great and I will definitely be seeing it.


So Schmucks simply couldn't get it done. Man do I suck this year. Dunno if anyone else here saw it, but I did... and the movie just didn't go anywhere with that fine cast. Truly a shame. And with its failure comes the end of Chapman's and Gretchen's summer. Meanwhile, Inception keeps on trucking... moving up 2 spots to #5. It'll be in 4th before its all done. And as much as Arjun doesn't want to believe, Salt is outpacing Robin Hood, and I figure it should over take 10th by the end of next weekend.

Next weekend: The pool is STILL up in the air as not only is Salt opening eyes, but this weekend's The Other Guys (picked by 4 people) is projected well enough to also be a threat for the #10 spot. We might actually have some drama heading into September!

Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) The Other Guys - 38m (38m)
2) Step Up 3D - 19m (19m)
3) Inception - 18.5m (227.7m)
4) Dinner For Schmucks - 12.2m (48.5m)
5) Salt - 11.5m (92.5m)
6) Despicable Me - 10.5m (210.7m)
7) Cats & Dogs 2 - 7.5m (27.2m)
8) Charlie St. Cloud - 6m (25m)
9) Toy Story 3 - 3.3m (396.7m)
10) The Kids Are All Right - 2.7m (14.1m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
The Other Guys = 72% (82% by the Top Critics)
Step Up 3D = 47% (57% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
The Other Guys = 3,651
Step Up 3D = 2,435

Last week's poll question... the #1 movie of 1998 was actually Rain Man with $172 million. The leading vote getter may have been Die Hard, but it actually finished 7th with $83 million. It was still the best movie of the year, however :)


We had another Top 10 shakeup last weekend as Inception shot up 7 spots to #7 on the list. And interestingly, neither of last week's 2 leaders had picked it. So with Sex finally dropping out of the Top 10, Arjun (who DIDN'T pick it) currently takes the lead with 8 correct picks. Salt, however, could still cause some damage as it did pull in $36 million last weekend... which was just enough to make it a threat to the final list.

Next weekend: The only movie that can give me any respectablility this summer: Dinner For Schmucks. As we've mentioned before, only 4 of us picked it. And truthfully, only Chapman can gain from its success, as unlike Gretchen and Molly he didn't select Robin Hood (which would drop out if Schmucks makes it).

Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Inception - 29m (195.3m)
2) Dinner For Schmucks - 22.5m (22.5m)
3) Salt - 19.5m (71.1m)
4) Charlie St. Cloud - 17.5m (17.5m)
5) Cats & Dogs 2 - 15.5m (15.5m)
6) Despicable Me - 15.3m (190.2m)
7) Toy Story 3 - 5.8m (390.5m)
8) The Sorcerer's Apprentice - 5.3m (53m)
9) Grown Ups - 4.8m (151m)
10) Ramona and Beezus - 4.5m (17.2m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Dinner For Schmucks = 52% (47% by the Top Critics)
Charlie St. Cloud = 24% (19% by the Top Critics)
Cats & Dogs 2 = 14% (35% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Cats & Dogs 2 = 3,705
Dinner For Schmucks = 2,911
Charlie St. Cloud = 2,720

Last week's poll question... the #1 Boxing movie of all time is Rocky IV (1985) with $127 million. Only one person got it right, as half of you thought it was Rocky III, which barely finished 2nd with $125 million.


New Tron Legacy Trailer
From the Desk of David Logan


Another $60 million effort last weekend, this time from the movie that most everyone picked: Inception. And as we've seen several times already this year... when one movie succeeds, the other one fails. Last week's failure: The Sorcerer's Apprentance (only $24 million in FIVE DAYS). That was Ed's chance to distance himself from the rest of us... and he blew it. So now that Despicable Me has jumped into the Top 10 (officially knocking out Persia), we only have 2 players tied for the lead with 8 correct picks (Butters and Anita). Unfortunately for Anita, Mother and Child will always prevent her from winning any tiebreaker (currently a Deviation Score of 23 all by itself).

Next weekend: Thanks to Dinner For Schmucks getting bumped back a week, Salt now has this weekend all to itself. 11 of us picked it, including 5 of you who are sitting just one movie out of first place. Reviews have been average, but as we all know that pretty much means nothing this year.

Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Inception - 41m (141m)
2) Salt - 34.5m (34.5m)
3) Despicable Me - 22m (160m)
4) The Sorcerer's Apprentice - 9.5m (42.9m)
5) Toy Story 3 - 8.3m (379.1m)
6) Ramona and Beezus - 8m (8m)
7) Twilight: Eclipse - 7m (279.7m)
8) Grown Ups - 6.8m (141.7m)
9) The Last Airbender - 4.1m (123.3m)
10) Predators - 3m (46.8m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Salt = 58% (58% by the Top Critics)
Ramona and Beezus = 54% (50% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Salt = 3,612
Ramona and Beezus = 2,719

Last week's poll question... the #1 Christmas movie of all time is The Grinch (2000) with $260 million. Most of you thought it was Elf, which actually finished 3rd with $173 million.


Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Inception - 65m (65m)
2) Despicable Me - 33m (118.3m)
3) The Sorcerer's Apprentice - 20m (27m)
4) Twilight: Eclipse - 14.5m (266.5m)
5) Toy Story 3 - 12.8m (364.3m)
6) Grown Ups - 9.8m (129.3m)
7) Predators - 7.7m (41.3m)
8) The Last Airbender - 7.1m (115.1m)
9) Knight and Day - 4.3m (70.1m)
10) The Karate Kid - 2.8m (170.1m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Inception = 85% (75% by the Top Critics)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice = 40% (29% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Inception = 3,792
The Sorcerer's Apprentice = 3,504


Last weekend we got a big surprise, as Despicable Me not only wowed the critics (at one point had a 100% rating from the Top Critics), but also raked in nearly $60 million. I personally thought it looked like crap, but as long as the kids like it, they're smarter than me. 12 of you are very happy players, including 4 of our veterans. Jerks. Predators, on the other hand, did pretty much as expected (only $25M), making 2 players very sad. We also had a little shake-up in the Top 10, as Toy Story 3 shot past Iron Man to be (likely permanently) the #1 movie this summer. Props to Kristen for having more faith than anyone in its success. Twilight leapfrogged Shrek to become the new #3 movie, and Grown Ups SOMEHOW keeps making cash, pushing up 3 spots to #6 on the list. We can also expect Persia to drop out of the Top 10 by Sunday (soon to be followed by Sex).

Next weekend: Well it started early this week, as Sorcerer's Apprentice got the Wednesday release. But the 3 of you who took it shouldn't get to excited, as it didn't even make $4 million on opening day. Ouch. Really sucks for Ed as it was his secret weapon to pull into the lead (and he didn't even take Persia either). Inception opens Friday, and all but 8 people took it... 3 of which happen to be currently tied for first place. This weekend will obviously go a long way in determining the players from the wannabes.

And as for last week's poll question... the #1 slasher movie of all time is Scream (1996) with $103 million.


It's Kind of a Funny Movie
From the Desk of David Logan

Seriously ... that's the title.


This will be remembered as the "Black Hole Summer"
From the Desk of David Logan

Seriously ... what the $%^& is going on? This is the craziest summer ever. There is like a big Black Hole in the middle of the standings.
I tasked the Graphics department to come up with a polished depiction of this summers events. Three days later I got this. I think they nailed it.



Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Despicable Me - 36m (36m)
2) Twilight: Eclipse - 30m (233.5m)
3) Predators - 23m (23m)
4) Toy Story 3 - 19m (338m)
5) The Last Airbender - 16m (98.8m)
6) Grown Ups - 12.3m (107.5m)
7) Knight and Day - 7m (61.2m)
8) The Karate Kid - 5m (164m)
9) The A-Team - 1.9m (74m)
10) Cyrus - 1.2m (3.4m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Despicable Me = 87% (100% by the Top Critics) - WOW... that is same as Toy Story 3!
Predators = 72% (50% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Despicable Me = 3,200+
Predators = 2,700


Last weekend we again had a slightly underachieving movie... but also had one that shattered ALL expectations. While Eclipse may have opened in a record-breaking 4,400+ theaters and nearly set the record for a midnight show, its 6-day $176 million effort was actually a little smaller than what was projected, and barely matched New Moon's $178 mil. Of course, nearly all of the movies that have ever grossed $150+ mil in 6 days happened to finish at $300+ mil total (New Moon being the only one at $296 mil). Good for everyone who ranked it highly. And then we have The Last Airbender, which only 9 peopled picked. Of course, despite having a Rotten Tomatoes rating of only 8%(!), it still managed to earn $69 mil ($21 mil more than projected). Dumbbbbbbbb! I just don't get it. Just like I won't be getting 1st Place this year :(

And now that we're 2 months into the summer, it's finally time to start analyzing entries and total counts. I've added the current # of Top-10 picks above everyone's names, and only 4 people (Butters, Gretchen, Zeno and Angie) are sitting with 8 movies above the cut-line. There are still a good number of legitimate Top-10 candidates out there, and 3 of our leaders only have 1 more movie remaining. Angie, on the other hand, has already burned through all 10 of her movies, so she's counting on everything else this summer to bomb. Not likely. By Sunday, Grown Ups and Airbender will have passed Sex and Persia, putting our current cutoff at about $90 mil. I think it's safe to say Inception itself will be sitting at $90+ after one full week, so there's definitely going to be some shakeup among the rankings.

Next weekend: A rather light weekend for us, as only 12 people took Despicable Me, and only 2 took Predators. Both are rated quite well, especially Despicable. Based on those horrific trailers, who'd have thought it'd be any good? Does anyone even remember the original teaser with the little kid in Egypt falling onto the inflatable pyramid? Or the original trailers with the nerdy guy as the protagonist vs. Steve Carrell's bad-guy Gru? It's like they didn't like the story at all and did a total plot flip-flop right before the deadline! Even one critic noticed this, saying: "No wonder I couldn't tell what Despicable Me was about when I saw its first trailer. The finished movie itself doesn't even know." Exactly! Now watch it rake in $50+ mil this weekend.


Twilight: For Guys!!
From the Desk of David Logan


Boxoffice.com's predictions for this 4-Day weekend:
1) Twilight: Eclipse - 84m (181.5m)
2) The Last Airbender - 38m (48m)
3) Toy Story 3 - 30.5m (289.5m)
4) Grown Ups - 17m (75m)
5) Knight and Day - 9.8m (44.8m)
6) The Karate Kid - 6.8m (148.8m)
7) The A-Team - 2.9m (68.9m)
8) Shrek Forever After - 1.6m (233m)
9) Get Him To the Greek - 1.5m (58m)
10) Prince of Persia - 1.2m (88.6m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Twilight: Eclipse = 53% (63% by the Top Critics)
The Last Airbender = 9% (7% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Twilight: Eclipse = 4,416 - a new record
The Last Airbender = 3,169


A couple things we've learned from this past weekend:

1) America is dumb.
2) America is sick of Tom Cruise.

Continuing the craziest summer ever, how does a movie with only an 8% freshness rating rake in $41 million, while the movie with the 53% rating struggles to make $27 million in FIVE DAYS? And the sad part is that regardless how bad Grown Ups may be, it'll likely make Top 10 just because of how inept so many other movies have been this summer. I can't give credit to Adam Sandler and say "He's back", as $41 mil would never crack the list in a normal year. Can anyone truly say that it looks good and they want to see it? Ugh.

And as for Tom Cruise... dude, you're done! If it's not M:I4, you need to listen to Kurt and go away for a lil while. The failure of Knight and Day just killed any chance you had of making that Les Grossman movie (no, that's not a joke). In fact, I read that Paramout is currently balking at the next M:I sequel... even with J.J. Abrams attached. Not good.

It's still way too early to start speculating, as so many upcoming movies have great shots at making the cut, even when only a few people have taken them. Personally, I'm enjoying how things are playing out. I have zero chance at winning, but I'll be able to sit back and watch as dreams get shattered :)

Next weekend: Another double dip... and another early opening. The last 'lock' of the summer (Twilight Saga: Eclipse) opens on Wednesday in 4,000+ theaters, and everyone wisely took it. 4 of you, in fact, put it at #1 on your lists. This year... why not? And on Friday we get The Last Airbender (opening in 3,000 theaters), which 9 of you picked. Both movies also get Monday the 5th as a bonus day. Only 3 reviews so far for Eclipse (3-for-3), and none yet for Airbender.


Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Toy Story 3 - 68m (236.3m)
2) Grown Ups - 28m (28m)
3) Knight and Day - 22m (31m)
4) The Karate Kid - 18m (138.5m)
5) The A-Team - 8.3m (65.7m)
6) Get Him To the Greek - 4.2m (56m)
7) Shrek Forever After - 3.9m (230.3m)
8) Prince of Persia - 3.3m (86.7m)
9) Killers - 2.6m (44.8m)
10) Jonah Hex - 2m (9.8m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Knight and Day = 53% (53% by the Top Critics)
Grown Ups = 8% (11% by the Top Critics) - Damnnnnnnn!

Theater count:
Grown Ups = 3,534
Knight and Day = 3,098


Well we hit both ends of the spectrum this past weekend, as both Toy Story 3 and Jonah Hex did pretty much what was expected. Despite Toy story becoming the 6th of 8 major films this summer to fall short of projections, it was still the biggest opening ever for a Pixar film with $110 million (shattering the previous record of $70 million for The Incredibles - my favorite!). It also had the 2nd biggest opening ever for an animated film (behind Shrek 3's $121 million). Being a successful animated film in a weak summer, it's very likely that it could finish #1, based on longevity. And now I present to you... Jonah Hex. With apologies to Marmaduke, to whom I previously made comparisons, Hex has become the turd of all turds this summer with an opening of only $5 million. What a complete trainwreck! Todd, Shegun and Tina now have zero hope in the event of a tiebreaker.

Next weekend: It's an early week for us as Knight & Day (opening in 3,042 theaters) got bumped up to a Wednesday release. A little more than half of us took it, and it's gotten some SERIOUS marketing this summer. I'm a big fan of Muse, but even I'm getting tired of that song in the previews. The Rotten Tomatoes reviews have been mediocre, but it could easily be the big 'date movie' of the summer. Grown Ups also comes out this weekend (opening in 3,200+ theaters), and only 6 people took it. Just 3 reviews so far on RT, and they're all splats.


Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Toy Story 3 - 120m (120m)
2) The Karate Kid - 30m (108m)
3) The A-Team - 14m (50.3m)
4) Jonah Hex - 9m (9m)
5) Shrek Forever After - 8.1m (225.9m)
6) Get Him To the Greek - 6.2m (48m)
7) Prince of Persia - 4.4m (79.8m)
8) Killers - 4.2m (38.6m)
9) Marmaduke - 3.2m (28.5m)
10) Iron Man 2 - 3m (304.3m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Toy Story 3 = 100% (100% by the Top Critics) - Has there ever been a perfect 100% before?
Jonah Hex = 7% (0% by the Top Critics) - Hahahahahahaha!

Theater count:
Toy Story 3 = 4,028
Jonah Hex = 2,825


Chapman Poster Update



Alrightttttt! Another week... another clunker. Ugh. Before the summer started, Box Office Report had The A-Team opening with $55 million. Last Friday's projection? $34 mil. And the actual result? $26 mil. 26?! Good lord that's pathetic! Its budget was friggin' $110 mil! And everyone I've talked to who's seen it has loved it (I'm going tomorrow). I simply don't understand. I figured that this would have been one of the biggest can't-miss films of the summer. I mean, surely it would have outperformed The Kung Fu Kid, right? (I refuse to call it Karate Kid when there's no actual karate in it.) Hell, ITS budget was only $40 mil. Whoops. Kung Fu pork-chopped its way to $55 million this weekend. Surprise, surprise! Our first sleeper hit of the summer. And because it's a film that families can see together, expect some longevity. Gretchen took it... but then again she took EVERY mainstream film so far this summer :) Curious to see what happens with only 3 movies left on her list. And as for Arjun... I hate to break it to you, but that pick will still get cancelled out by Eat Pray Love. Just saying. Still, props to you both for being smarter than the rest of us this week. Well, you both also took A-Team.... so you're half-smarter.

Next weekend: Perhaps our biggest movie of the summer? Iron Man is petering out quickly, so there's a strong chance that this week's Toy Story 3 (opening in 3,900 theaters) could take the top spot. 1 person even has it #1 on their list. But we also have 1 person who left it completely off theirs. DOH! It's already killing on Rotten Tomatoes with a 100% rating! And speaking of Doh, Jonah Hex also comes out this weekend (opening in 2,700+ theaters), which 3 people picked. This could be bad. Like, Marmaduke bad.


Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) The Karate Kid - 35.5m (35.5m)
2) The A-Team - 34.5m (34.5m)
3) Shrek Forever After - 14m (208m)
4) Get Him To the Greek - 10.7m (36.9m)
5) Killers - 8.4m (30.4m)
6) Prince of Persia - 7m (72.7m)
7) Marmaduke - 6.1m (22.2m)
8) Sex and the City 2 - 6m (85.1m)
9) Iron Man 2 - 4m (298.6m)
10) Splice - 3.2m (13.4m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
The Karate Kid = 67% (66% by the Top Critics)
The A-Team = 52% (48% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
The Karate Kid = 3,663
The A-Team = 3,535


Man is this a horrible summer so far. It's like every movie has underachieved.. and that even includes Iron Man which couldn't meet those ultra-high projections. So we got 4 new movies last weekend... and they ALL sucked! That $17 mil for Get Him To the Greek is definitely gonna cripple Justin's, Kurt's and David G's chances. But not as bad as Marmaduke hurt Kristen's. $11 mil? Goodness, Owen Wilson's stock has completely tanked. And they couldn't even capitalize on the stupid 'talking animal' craze! As bad as the movies have been thus far, we're bound to have a sleeper sneak into the Top 10. Robin Hood and Prince of Persia both opened to less than $40 mil, so the door's wideeeeee open.

Next weekend: One biggie... and one of those potential sleepers. 24 people took The A-Team (opening in 3,000 theaters) - not to be confused with The Gay Team). Meanwhile only 2 people are taking a chance on The Karate Kid (opening in 3,400 theaters). I really want A-Team to do well... but when I see a Rotten Tomatoes review stating "It's like they're not even trying."... damnnnn... I get worried.


Chapman Poster Update
From the Desk of David Logan



Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Shrek Forever After - 29m (185.5m)
2) Get Him To the Greek - 19m (19m)
3) Killers - 15m (15m)
4) Prince of Persia - 14.5m (60.5m)
5) Sex and the City 2 - 13m (73.5m)
6) Marmaduke - 12m (12m)
7) Iron Man 2 - 10.5m (294m)
8) Splice - 10m (10m)
9) Robin Hood - 6.2m (95.4m)
10) Letters To Juliet - 4m (44.2m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Get Him To the Greek = 75% (77% by the Top Critics) - Surprisingly impressive.
Splice = 71% (70% by the Top Critics) - Also surprising.
Marmaduke = 11% (12% by the Top Critics)
Killers = 6% (0% by the Top Critics) - Zero. Think about that. Zero!

Theater count:
Marmaduke = 3,213
Killers = 2,859
Get Him To the Greek = 2,696
Splice = 2,450


Holy nuts! I got a surprise email today... and was soooooo stoked to see Todd re-surface with (in my opinion) his best rant ever! Now, before reading, I want everyone to know that this used to be an annual ritual for Todd, and it is ALL IN FUN. After all, this is from the same guy who's provided us with classics like Osmosis Jones and Dark Water, and also completely chastized me for my Pirates of the Caribbean pick back in '03. And he's still able to take shots at himself as well! Enjoy it for what it is :)

"Ok, after many years away, it is time for another movie pool breakdown with your favorite ass, the Toddler. Fortunately, plenty of craptastic picks out there for me to make fun of. I thank you for all the generous material. Without further ado, this is my "rant."

Player 1, the Borg, and last year's winner; how pissed are you that Mike stole your sneaky pick (Dinner For Schmucks)? Not only did you NOT get away with one, but you also made the same pick as a perennial loser. Prince of Persia is looking pretty low for you, must not have felt too secure with it. We all know how well movies adapted from video games do. MOOORRRRTTTAAAALLLLLL CCCCCOOOMMMBBBAATTTT! MAAADDDDEEEE 70 MIIILLLLLLIIIOOOOONNNN. Resident Evil; 39 mill. Max Payne; 40. Final Fantasy; 85 mill, cost $137 and lead to the demise of Square Pictures studio. Dead or Alive; 480... thousand-not a typo. Remember that brilliant pick Kristen? Hitman; 39 mill. Only video game based movie success was the first Tomb Raider. So what can we learn from this? Unless Jake straps on a set of double Ds, you're screwed.

Player 2, Mike. Prince of Persia at number 4?!?! Got a little man-crush on Jake-baby do we? He did get pretty muscular for this role. I bet you dream about curling up against Jakey-baby at night, and resting your little weary head on his hairy man-bosoms. Putting Sex and the City at 6 won't make you look any manlier or hide your feelings for Jakey-baby from us-in fact; it may make you look a little more limp-wristed. Gives me a poster idea! Remember the last time you picked a movie because you had a crush on the dude role? I think it was Russell the "Love Muscle" Crowe from Cinderella Man, wasn't it? How did that work out? And you finalized your losing ways by picking Dinner for... You and Berg. Oh, and you shouldn't copy off of the guy right next to you Michael, it's pretty obvious, but I guess you are tired of getting your ass handed to you by the likes of the Borg. When was the last time you actually won this pool? 2000, when there were only 3 people playing in it?!?!?

Player 3, Me. The A-Team at 5? That's a reach; need to lay off the Dynabol before making my picks in the future, but all that action, a new BA, new Face, new Murdock; yeah bring back the best show ever! Did you see the trailer?!?! I wonder if anyone will die in the movie unlike the show. It looks so kickass! Jonah Hex... ohh no you didn't? It doesn't really look so kickass. Did you really pick a movie because it starred Megan Fox Todd? She's an awful actress, and all those tramp stamps... why did she ruin herself like that?!?!? Finally, you picked Robin Hood, and just like that, week two and you are already out of the running. You haven't won since the first Bush administration. Nice job jackass.

Player 4, Kurt W. The Last Airbender?!?! Did you watch the trailer? I can't believe I am using this reference again in the SAME rant, but it's MOOORTTTTTAAAALLLLL COOOOMMMMBAATTT with a dash of Avatar, like your lady "moves," not VEEEEERRRY CREAAAATTTIVVVVE. Maybe you thought it was a porno, something about the word "Airbender" threw you off. Stop using your penis to pick movies Kurt, it leads you to stupid picks like Get Him to the Greek-there it is, another word that makes your penis light up, and brain shut off.

Player 5, Curt, different Curt spelling but same stupid. Lots of holes, one being that Robin Hood is almost already out. You also picked Salt, which is basically the TV show 24 goes Hollywood but with not so believable heroine Angelina playing Jack Bauer. But Todd, all that collagen in her lips makes her jump higher! I would say your involvement in this pool will be over rather quickly this year.

Player 6, Justin. You made the mistake of picking Mr. and Mrs. Smith, err I mean Mission Impossible, err I mean Vanilla Sky, err I mean Knight and Day. Whatever, Tom's blown since Magnolia, yeah I know he was funny for 3 seconds in Tropic Thunder, doesn't count. He's teamed up with Cameron Diaz, AGAIN, who hasn't been worth looking at since The Mask, but seems to be in EVERY FRIGGIN MOVIE that comes out. You also picked Get Him to the Greek with the fat kid and Puff Daddy Combs, or whatever his name is? Look, I too like the fat kid's movies, and the English dude is hilarious but this movie will make $40 mil and be called a huge success. Lastly, you picked The Other Guys. I have to admit, I too wanted to pick it. Talladega Nights has become a classic for me. This movie looks awesome, and Will teamed up with Marky Mark was pleasantly unexpected but it brings another movie to mind; Land of the Lost. See bald headed me poster in last year's gallery to see how that worked out.

Player 7, David. Robin Hood, Knight and Day, Prince of Persia, Salt... see a pattern here? It's not a particularly good pattern. It's the loser's pattern. Ask Kurt about it, he knows about losing patterns.

Player 8, George. A lot like David's picks. Good for you, you have failed your exam.

Player 9, Jaime. The Last Bonehead. And here I thought only Kurt was dumb enough to pick it?!?! Add in Knight and Day, Prince of, Other Guys, and other days to try to win.

Player 10, Laura. Only a few stinkers like Salt and Knight and Day, but I see you, like a few of us, gave Despicable Me a chance. It could happen.

Player 11, Dennis. You picked Salt, the video game movie and Robin Hood-OUT.

Player 12, Mario. Finally some new stupidity for me to comment on. Grown Ups?!?! Yeah I too loved this classic SNL skit! Remember the one for "Schmitts Gay Beer?" It's a classic. Wait, were you in that? One of the studs in the pool? All these years, and you are not getting any better at this game.

Player 13, Kristen. From the girl who gave us Dead Or Alive... aaww yeah- friggin Marmaduke! Thank you, thank you. There hasn't been anything this promising since Garfield. My six year old daughter also thinks it is going to be a big hit! Good for you, dumber than a kindergartener. Owen Wilson used to be so good?!?! Why did he sell his soul? Did you have something to do with it? Is that why you picked it?

Player 14, Sponge. Like the band Sponge, sucky and unoriginal.

Player 15, Butters. That's you! Losing. Grown Ups at 8, Prince of Persia at 4? Did Chapman talk you into that? Don't listen to him; he has been in love with Jakey-baby since Brokeback Mountain. Although it did clarify what I already knew, all cowboys are gay.

Player 16, John. Robin Hood, at Number 2. That's gonna leave a mark. A whole bunch of other crappy picks not worth talking about. Finally, somebody is out of the running before me.

Player 17, Kate. Twilight at 2. Let me guess, you saw the first Twilight over 20 times? Are you gonna line up for tickets a week early? Let it go, it wasn't that great of a movie. It's really not that original. It's been done a million times before and the main vampire boy is gay. Nothing wrong with that, Mike is gay and we hang all the time, well after I laid down some ground rules. I cannot wait until this Twilight saga finally dies and Kristen Stewart, the "over-actor" is forced to do porn to pay the rent.

Player 18, David G. Last Airhead at 4?!?! Prince of, Salt, Kurt Likes it Greek... sorry man; you're going down, like Michael on a cowboy.

Player 19, Ed. Lots of crap, but the real standout; The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Cage used to rock. Now he is stuck in this awful Jerry Fucken-heimer loop of mediocrity. Stop trying to find hidden messages on the dime and go back to drinking in Las Vegas you asshole. Apparently Monica Bellucci is in it too-may be worth watching. Do not get too excited, it's Disney; she won't be getting naked.

Player 20, Gretchen. Looks like Berg's picks. Not good for him. But you did add one golden nugget of joy; The Karate Kid! Maybe you thought it starred Will Smith?!? Sorry, it's his son. Wax on, Wack off.

Player 21, Molly. I am sorry but there is nothing more we can do.

Player 22, Shegun. So many bad picks, where do I start? When I see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I find it hard to think you are even trying to win. Ok, I too like that wimpy kid, and most of his movies. He had me since Arrested Development but you realize it needs to make over $100 mill right? Salt. It's bad.

Player 23, Catie. Robin Hood may hurt but Knight and Day is your real problem. At least you put Sex and the City nice and low. Not too much here to criticize.

Player 24, Tina. Prince of Persia at 4? Knight and Day. Well you get the trend. You won't beat Catie above, nevertheless win the pool.

Player 25, Anita. So so bad. Last Air-boner bad. The Other Guys, Grown Ups and worst of all- MOTHER AND CHILD. I had to look it up to even know what it was. What part of that plot says "Summer Blockbuster"? In reality, this is probably the worst pick made this year. At least the other obvious dunce picks made by the less stupid, are meant to be a reach; you know find this year's Hangover or Proposal.

Player 26, Sean. Grown Ups is the only real reach, but then again, you put it at 10 knowing that.

Player 27, Mike W. Knight and Day and Sorcerer's Apprentice. At least you had a goo... err well no real run to speak of.

Player 28, Arjun. Robin Hood at 2? 2? Last Airbender, Karate Kid and drum roll please... Eat Pray Love... and be a gay cowboy! This is a joke right? It's like a motivational video for women with low self-esteem?!?!? Ohh, poor Julia, what will she do? She's so trapped in her silver spoon fed life. I liked her better when she was a whore for money, and that movie really sucked, but at least she was in a fitting role. And you are in the fitting role of being ejected from this pool first.

Player 29, Allison. Congrats, you are in a 13-way tie for 3rd place.

Player 30, Andy. Just when I thought my criticism was getting thin, we get you. No Shrek 4?!?! Look, I think all the Shreks blow too but they are money at the box office. I can't see how you could win, but you did pick Predators-give me a moment to look it up. Heheh, wow-this movie has some real stars; Adrien Brody, Lawrence Fishburne and Danny Trejo- that guy is awesome! Shit, the trailer looks great; maybe I was wrong, you are gonna win this thing! Where's my gun, let's all go into the Matrix; I need to shoot something.

Player 31, Elana. You are pretty consistent with most of the group. Too bad Knight and Day will ruin your chances.

Player 32, Matt. See player 31.

Player 33, AJ. You are scraping the bottom of the barrel with the The Other Guys and Knight and Day. But thanks for giving me a reason to watch the The Other Guys trailer again, damn that's gonna be funny.

Player 34, Zeno. Boring. Losing interest in making fun of you people. Your picks suck.

Player 35, Nick. Finally, some stupid; a trifecta of dumb if you will. Predator, Survival of the Dead, and Piranha 3D, all in the same pool of awful picks?!?!? Read those again. That's a whole lot of looking up for me to do. Seriously these look made for television-bad. Nick you are in the running for the Dunce Award- BIG TIME! It's only $10 Nick, you just get your money back. You realize that right?

Player 36, Susan. It's bad Susan; I can't lie, not Nick bad but still bad; like a used, infected Nancy Drew. Robin at 2, Prince at 4, Airbender at 5, Despicable Me at 7, Sorcerer's at 9, no Toy Story and the worst for last, The Expendables. Ok, I admit, I want to see this, but I do not expect very much money to be made. The cast is impressive; Sly, Statham, Li, Rourke, Arrrnnnoooollld, Willis, and Terry Crews... pa pa pa pa pa pa power!

Player 37, Larry. It's not awful, but it's not noteworthy either.

Player 38, Angie. No Inception may hurt. Knight and Day very highly ranked, followed by Robin Hood, Prince and Grown Ups. You're done.

And so am I. So the Dunce Award goes to... Nick, the dick, with Piranha 3D (or Survival of the Dead or Predator). I wanted to give it to Anita for Mother and Child but Nick has just done too much to not get it. Well that's it. Some good burns in there, some old and tired ones. Frankly, there's too many of you to do this. I hope you take it as a light hearted ribbing and not personal-not like I know any of you anyways. I can only imagine the poster of me that's coming from Mike, now that I exposed his love of cowboys.
Peace, Todd."

Thanks for the great laugh, Todd! The effort put into this is apparent... and much appreciated!


What a terrible Memorial Day weekend for movies this year! In years past we've had Night at the Museum 2 with $70m (2009), Indiana Jones 4 with $128m (2008), Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with $140m (2007), and X-Men 3 with $123m (2006). This year we get... Shrek 4 with $56m in its 2nd weekend. Wow. To encapsulate this weekend's performance, here's a little gem from Box Offfice Mojo: "This Memorial Day weekend was the lowest-grossing in nine years and the slowest in at least 15 years in terms of estimated attendance." Even with an extra day (Thursday), Sex and the City 2 STILL couldn't top Shrek, skanking up only a total of $51m. Meanwhile, Prince of Persia pulled a Robin Hood with only $38m. Barring a complete boycott by the female audience, Sex should make the cut. However, I guess the big losers so far are those who took both Hood AND Persia. But it could be worse... you could be Nick who's Survival of the Dead DIDN'T EVEN PLAY IN ONE THEATER! I hope for you, Nick, that it got a delayed release and will come out next weekend. 'Cause if that thing goes straight to DVD and doesn't make a single buck at the theater, it won't qualify for the Bonehead. Doh!

6/1 11:10pm correction - The actuals came out this afternoon, and as previously mentioned on the tagboard, Survival of the Dead actually chewed out $54,604 from 20 theaters. We now have a race for the Bonehead! How exciting!

Next weekend: 4 movies get wide release in what truly is shaping up to be a throwaway weekend, and only 2 of them were even picked: 3 people took Get Him To the Greek (opening in 2,700+ theaters), and 1 person took Marmaduke (opening in 3,000 theaters). Chapman is at least excited about Greek's release, as it provided some him new material...



I'm back!! Wowwwwwww, Alaska is amazing! Dunno what cruise lines you all use (if any), but Norwegian Cruise Lines is the bomb!

So how 'bout a quick recap of the first few weekends of the summer? All but 6 people picked Iron Man 2 to be their #1 film, and being the 5th biggest opening in box office history, ); ($128m) likely will make it as such. But as good as that opening was, it still felt like an underachievement based on the projections. Regardless, it has the entire summer to get close to $400 mil. Of course, Weekend #1 also gave us our best Bonehead candidate. Well done, Anita!

The following weekend brought us Robin Hood, which the majority picked (3 of you had it as #2 on your list!). However, it only did as well as projected ($36m), and we all know from past history that it'll be on the fence ALL SUMMER LONG. I wouldn't count on it's staying power, though.

Last weekend introduced Shrek Forever After, which amazingly 2 people passed over. Interesting. Also interesting was seeing someone list it as their #1 movie. Guess that person was a lil disappointed to see it open to only $70m... a far cry from the projected $96m. At this early point, if we had to pick any leaders, it'd be the 11 of us who only picked both Iron Man and Shrek. But again, it's very early.

This holiday weekend we have our first double-dip. Sex and the City 2 (picked by all but 5 people) actually gets 5 days, as it opened on Thursday. Prince of Persia (picked by all but 8 people) also hits the screen. And Arjun didn't pick either. Hmmmmmmm... does he know something we don't?

Boxoffice.com's predictions for this 4-day weekend:
1) Sex and the City 2 - 60m (79m)
2) Shrek Forever After - 50m (139.5m)
3) Prince of Persia - 45m (45m)
4) Iron Man 2 - 19m (277.2m)
5) Robin Hood - 13.1m (85.6m)
6) Letters To Juliet - 6.5m (37m)
7) Just Wright - 2.6m (18.6m)
8) MacGruber - 2.4m (8.1m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Sex and the City 2 = 13% (7% by the Top Critics) - Single digits! Awesome!!!
Prince of Persia = 44% (28% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Sex and the City 2 = 3,445
Prince of Persia = 3,646
Survival of the Dead = 0. Uh ohhhhhh.


Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Shrek Forever After - 96m (96m)
2) Iron Man 2 - 27m (251.7m)
3) Robin Hood - 17m (64.5m)
4) MacGruber - 11m (11m)
5) Letters To Juliet - 8.1m (26.4m)
6) Just Wright - 4.4m (14.9m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Shrek Forever After = 53% (40% by the Top Critics)
MacGruber = 46% (25% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Shrek Forever After = 4,300+
MacGruber = 2,500+


I'll be out of the country till the 24th (likely with no wireless), so if you have any gems like this that need to be uploaded, send them to David Logan. He has FTP access to the site. Meanwhile, enjoy some artistic competition from Justin!



The summer has now officially begun!



Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Iron Man 2 - 55m (214m)
2) Robin Hood - 36m (36m)
3) Letters To Juliet - 17m (17m)
4) Just Wright - 10m (10m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Robin Hood = 51% (44% by the Top Critics)
Letters To Juliet = 33% (14% by the Top Critics)
Just Wright = 23% (29% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Robin Hood = 3,400+
Letters To Juliet = 2,800
Just Wright = 1,800


Super 8 Teaser Trailer
From the Desk of David Logan

New uber super secret J.J. Abrams / Steven Spielberg Summer 2011 movie!


Darth Vader in the Recording Studio
From the Desk of David Logan

If you love Star Wars and have a TomTom GPS device, you are about to spend $13 dollars. Thats because TomTom has just released a Darth Vader voice for their GPS system and it features Lord Vader telling you where to go.


Boxoffice.com's predictions for this weekend:
1) Iron Man 2 - 145m (160m)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:
Iron Man 2 = 74% (66% by the Top Critics)
Mother and Child = 86% (82% by the Top Critics)

Theater count:
Iron Man 2 = 4,380 (a new record)
Mother and Child = 4 (DEFINITELY limited release)


Get Out Of There!
From the Desk of David Logan


Machete Red Band Trailer
From the Desk of David Logan

Who is NOT in this movie?


Iron Man 2 will do some serious damage at the box office.
From the Desk of David Logan

MovieTickets.com is reporting in a poll conducted on the site, 75 percent of moviegoers who are aware of the film plan on seeing it opening weekend.

Iron Man 2 is also outselling Iron Man by a margin of 5 to 1 at the same point in the sales cycle. Iron Man 2 currently has 810 sold-out showings. The Paramount release also accounts for 84 percent of daily sales on the ticketing site as of 10:30 a.m. PT.

The original Iron Man opened to $102.1 million in May 2008. BoxOffice.com is currently predicting a $145 million opening for the sequel.


I FINALLY got everyone's picks, and I just posted them to the site. I've also updated the 'Current Standings' page with the current grid. I need EVERYONE to verify the accuracy of your own entry and let me know of any discrepancies.

And just to let you know, the slight delay this evening was due to the fact that while Excel 2007 saves to a .htm file just fine... unfortunately that new .htm no longer likes being simply renamed to .php (which is the coding we use for this site). I instead had to revert to using Excel 2003 on an older laptop to make the files convert properly. Ughhh! I'm already dreading the extra steps necessary to update the site every week. There's got to be a better way for Excel 07 to convert to .php. Stupid Microsoft and your unnecessary updates!

Anyway, I'm happy to say that we got 38 entries this year! That's our 2nd highest number ever, courtesy of 15 players who weren't with us last year (3 of which who returned after a short hiatus). Welcome back. With $10.00 covering the cost of the website itself, we have a pot of $370.00. And with a pot that large, I'm able to bring back the 3rd Place prize. So keeping in line with previous summers, this year's payouts will be the following:

1st Place - $290.00
2nd Place - $50.00
3rd Place - $20.00
Bonehead Award - $10.00

Just like last year, we're looking at 10 films that most everyone picked... and then a wholeeeeeee lot of creativity. In fact, I counted 7 films that only one person picked. Looking over some previous years, that's definitely a new record. I like it! And I think I already see our Bonehead :) Not sure about anyone else, but while making my list I found myself looking at a group of about 7-8 legit picks... followed by about 10 other films to fill those last couple spots. There's just so many films with a realistic chance of making the list. And once again, I think we'll be coming down to a tiebreaker this summer.

Some quick observations: Everyone jumped on the first blockbuster of the summer (Iron Man), and everyone wisely had it in their Top-3. Actually, all but one had in in their Top-2. Interestingly, the only other unanimous selection was Eclipse, with no one having it lower than #5. 2 people apparently didn't like Shrek 4 (or simply overlooked it), and 1 person didn't like Toy Story 3. Whoops. But then again, one person last year failed to pick Terminator Salvation, and that person turned out to be smarter than the rest of us as it only finished 12th. Robin Hood, Sex and the City 2, Prince of Persia, The A-Team, Knight and Day and Inception were all very popular picks, and a few people happened to take all 10 of the films I just mentioned. Of course, those people are forgetting the fact that there is a surprise film EVERY YEAR that makes the Top 10:

2009 - The Hangover - #4 - $270m (no one picked it)
2009 - The Proposal - #9 - $160m (1 person picked it)
2008 - Wanted - #10 - $134m (11 people picked it - including the winner)
2007 - Knocked Up - #9 - $147m (4 people picked it)
2006 - Talladega Nights - #9 - $130m (5 people picked it - and I rode it to victory!)
2006 - The Devil Wears Prada - #10 - $121m (no one picked it)
2005 - Wedding Crashers - #6 - $189m (5 people picked it - including the winner)
2005 - Monster-In-Law - #10 - $82m (1 person picked it - the winner)
2004 - Fahrenheit 9/11 - #9 - $117m (no one picked it)
2004 - Dodgeball - #10 - $113m (2 people picked it - including the winner)
2003 - Spy Kids 3D - #10 - $107m (1 person picked it - the winner) Hahaha... Todd caught so much hell for that pick and it still paid off!

Get the point? (Wow, talk about a nice historical recap there) Maybe this is the year that playing it safe pays off? Hope not, as my money's on Dinner For Schmucks! ;) Before you knock it, know that last year's 1st and 2nd Place winners BOTH picked it... so maybe we're on to something here. And once again, very little love for Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell. Makes me sad, as those guys catapaulted me to victory time and time again.

Based on the tagboard, this is already shaping up to be our most fun summer yet! And a lil heads up... if Todd ever decides to trot out another Movie Pool Analysis... don't take anything he says personally. Your hurt will just fuel his ego. Don't do it. Besides, this is the same guy that once bust out Osmosis Jones. Just enjoy it.

Good luck to everyone this summer, and I hope you all have fun... especially all of our new players!


So far I've received entries from 30 people, and 11 of them are new players. Nice! We have several 'veterans' who still haven't turned theirs in yet, and I expect them in the next day or so. I'm currently putting the Excel documents together to upload to the website, so I'm ok with entries still being submitted. However, once I get everyone's picks uploaded to the site, I won't accept any more entires. I should have them posted in the next couple days. If you know anyone else who still hasn't sent theirs in, tell them to get to it!


Jonah Hex trailer is finally out
From the Desk of David Logan


Downfall studio pulling Hitler clips
From the Desk of David Logan

The folks at Constantin films, the studio behind Downfall, are now trying to pull all the famous Hitler-is-angry clips from YouTube.

Said Constantin exec Martin Moszkowicz to the BBC last week:
We as a corporation have a bit of an ambivalent view of it. On the one hand we are proud the picture has such a huge fanbase and that people are using it for parody. On the other hand we are trying to protect the artists.

I just do not understand the end game here. No one is going to pay you royalties for these (not to mention it is a parody and is therefore protected, but that is a whole other argument). They do not need this clip to make a parody. They will just move on to something else, and then you will be out the free advertising. Stupid.


Date Night Looks Funny
From the Desk of David Logan


Angelina Jolie is the female Jason Bourne
From the Desk of David Logan

Sony just released a new trailer for the Angelina Jolie spy thriller, Salt, this time with MORE ACTION (*guitar squeal*). It comes from director Philip Noyce (The Saint, Clear and Present Danger) and a script once intended for Tom Cruise, which they thought was too unbelievable so they cast a girl.


Welcome back, everyone! Hopefully you've all received the invite e-mail and you're working on your picks. I am currently in the process of updating the pages of the website. Just like every offseason, the tagboard is still pretty spammed up, and we're looking into it. I'm working on a new header banner for 2010, and if you think that you can make one better, feel free to do so. Don't forget, your picks and $$$ are due by May 1st (the first movie of the summer actually opens on Friday, May 7th).