Official Rules of the 2019 Summer Movie Pool

The rules of the Summer Movie Pool are simple. Select a Top Ten list of summer movies, and then rank them in the order that you believe they will finish. The pool runs from May 1 to Aug 31, so the only eligible movies are those that release within that date range. Your picks AND entry fee must be submitted by 11:59pm PST of the first Friday in May.

The website allows a managed solution to register, log in and make your picks. All initial access can be located in the Startup Links section.

The process is simple:

1. There is a link for Register. Click it and be sure to read the criteria to submit your entry info.
2. Once registration is complete, click the link for Login.
3. Once logged in, click the link for Make Picks. The details are listed and are pretty self-explanatory. You can always come back to this page to edit your picks up until the deadline.

We have essentially helped all players by providing the full list of movies to be released from May to August. All movies that were listed with release dates in Box Office Mojo as of March 31 (both Wide and Limited) are included. Should you wish to select a movie that is not listed, there is a process available on the Make Picks page to have it added.

The final pool numbers will be tallied on Sept 1, which is when the winner will be determined. Again, make sure to select movies whose release dates fall between May 1 and August 31. It will not be the fault of the pool organizers if studio release dates change, so do your homework and keep your fingers crossed. Because the start of the pool is May, any movie that comes out in April will not be available as a selection. We're starting to see more big-name movies released in April, but they are simply not eligible in a pool called the SUMMER Movie Pool.

The time to confirm entries and track payments will be limited. At 12:00am PST on the first Friday in May the site will lock and no further entries will be accepted. The entire month of April is more than enough time to assemble your picks and submit them online.

All selections will remain confidential until the first Friday in May, when the Current Standings will be revealed to all. This page will automatically process the submitted entries and recalculate them based on the weekly figures pulled from Box Office Mojo's website. The table format of the Current Standings should look very familiar to previous players. There is also a Scoreboard page that will keep a current list of the Rank, User Name, Display Name, Correct # of Top 10 picks and the running Deviation Score for EVERYONE.

The rankings are determined as follows: Whoever has the highest number of picks in the Top Ten at the end of the summer wins outright. Pretty simple. However, if there is a tie in the number of correct picks, the scoring will be done in the following manner: Deviation Score. The Deviation Score is a tally of the differences between the predicted rank and the actual rank of all ten of your movies. A perfect score would be zero. The better the prediction, the lower the score. For example, if you picked Movie A to be #2, and it actually finished #1, you would have a Deviation Score of 1 for that movie. Good job. But if you picked Movie B to be #6, and it actually finished #18, that's a score of 12. That's not good. So if you are involved in a tiebreaker, we'll add up the scores of all ten of your movies, and whoever has the lowest score wins out.

And as always, we award a prize for the Bonehead Award. Whoever picks the WORST (least successful) movie gets a designated prize from the pool (typically $10 based on the # of entries). The criteria for the Bonehead Award is that it must be released this summer AND it must make at least $1. A movie that is expected to come out in June but is pushed back to October (or even worse... goes straight to video) doesn't count. So if you take a risk in your picks and fail miserably you might still pick up the Bonehead Award... which in its own way is an accomplishment, and you will be forever immortalized in the Hall of Boneheads. If there is a tie for this award the prize will be split.

The website has been fully updated to reflect last year's results. There is also a message board for our enjoyment. Just make sure to be respectful of the other particpants when making your posts.

Payment instructions will be emailed to new players once they register on the site. All of the money ($10.00 per entry) will be collected by the Pool Runner, and is due no later than the first Friday in May. Any website entries that do not have accompanying payments will be deleted. $30.00 of the pot will go toward the annual renewal of the website domain and the hosted management. There will always be a 1st and 2nd Place prize, and a 3rd Place prize will depend on the # of entries (40 is the usual cutoff). The payouts will be revealed once the pool is locked.

Feel free to invite whomever you like... as long as they also pay on time. E-mail us at for payment instructions and any questions. Good luck!