A shockingly huge letdown for Lightyear over Father’s Day Weekend, as it only earned $50M against an $84M projection. Even that original 91% RT Audience rating (now down to 85%) and A- CinemaScore couldn’t sway enough people to go see it. We can still expect it to finish Top 10, but landing in the top half is going to be a real stretch if it doesn’t have legs. I guess it’s not the animated movie kids want to see. They want the incoherent Minions, dangit.

In other news Top Gun 2 just took over #1, and likely for good. After an incredible -28% drop in its second weekend it followed with -42% and -15%. This one is gonna run a lonnnnnnnng time.

Next Weekend: Things get serious as we have THREE movies selected by players. Both The Black Phone and Marcel the Shell With Shoes On are early-rocking with 100% RT Critic ratings, while the real rocker Elvis is sitting at 79%. Still fresh, but geez that near-three hour runtime isn’t helping.

– SB

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