We only have 4 movies remaining this summer that have been selected, and this weekend’s Nope (30 players) is one of our wildcards. Is it horror? Is it sci-fi? Is it dark comedy? Why not all of them? We can pretty much agree that Downton 2 and Bob’s Burgers are on the chopping block, and with Nope projected at $55M it’s looking like a pretty solid choice. And how can you not dig all of these promotional posters??

Boxoffice.com’s predictions for this weekend:
1) Nope – 55.5M (55.5M)
2) Thor: Love and Thunder – 20.4M (275.1M)
3) Minions: The Rise of Gru – 18.5M (299.1M)
4) Where the Crawdads Sing – 9.6M (36.7M)
5) Top Gun: Maverick – 9.3M (635M)
6) Elvis – 6.5M (118.9M)
7) Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank – 3.6M (13.5M)
8) Jurassic World Dominion – 3.3M (365.9M)
9) The Black Phone – 3.2M (78.3M)
10) Marcel the Shell With Shoes On – 1.4M (3.4M)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings (Critics / Audience Score):
Nope = 80% / 75%

Theater count:
Nope = 3,785

CinemaScore ratings:
Nope = B

– SB

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