Hello everyone! We are pleased to say that there WILL be a Summer Movie Pool for 2022… but it just might not be exactly as we are accustomed. Our web hosting has changed, and the net result is that we have more cleanup to do than expected. For those who may have accessed this site in recent weeks you might have noticed a giant red Google warning page identifying as a threat. Whoops! While that is no longer the case, it did result in some exhausting effort from team members to resolve. And their efforts are MUCH appreciated. Thanks again guys!

Being on a new host there is still some functionality being tested, including the Make Picks format, so we are going to hold off going live until likely mid-April just to make sure everything works as intended. The final two weeks of April should still be more than enough time to submit entries. Just don’t sleep on these first two weeks of the month, as it’s time to put that noggin to good use! And hey, if it turns out that the site functionality isn’t as we like we’ll just go old school and manually track via Excel spreadsheet. Ah those were the days!

So stay tuned!

– SB

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