Hi friends.  In this time of crisis we hope that everyone is HEALTHY and SAFE.  While we wish we could bring you a much needed distraction in the 2020 Summer Movie Pool, the lack of a box office has shut down the pool at this present time.  Movie theater chains have made the difficult decision to help flatten the curve by closing their doors, and many studios have responded by bumping some of their summer releases to future dates.

This pool is a game that we love to play, and it will return.  The website is presently being updated to archive all 2019 data, and the message board will remain available for movie talk.  Stay tuned to the SMP site for future updates.  If the interest is there later in the year we might even see a 2020 Holiday Movie Pool. 

Please be safe and take care of your families, yourselves, and each other!

– SB / MC

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