We have now entered the lull of the summer where no new Wide release is expected to pull in more than $4M. Of the two new movies this weekend, only the horror-comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies is expected to make something of significance. It certainly has appeal, it seems, as RT shows a 90% critic rating. The Critic Consensus says: “Impeccably cast and smartly written, Bodies Bodies Bodies is an uncommonly well-done whodunit.” I’m rooting for Pete Davidson to be the first to go 🙂

A weekend like this could mean small weekend drops across the board. DC Pets needs all the help it can get!

Boxoffice.com’s predictions for this weekend:
1) Bullet Train – 13.1M (53.8M)
2) DC League of Super-Pets – 8.3M (59.8M)
3) Top Gun: Maverick – 6.8M (673.6M)
4) Nope – 6.2M (108.6M)
5) Thor: Love and Thunder – 5.7M (326.1M)
6) Minions: The Rise of Gru – 5.6M (344.7M)
7) Bodies Bodies Bodies – 4M (4.3M)
8) Where the Crawdads Sing – 3.9M (72M)
9) Easter Sunday – 3M (10.7M)
10) Elvis – 2.7M (141.5M)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings (Critics / Audience Score):
Bodies Bodies Bodies = 90% / 85%
Fall = 73% / 77%
Mack & Rita = 26% / 46%

Theater count:
Bodies Bodies Bodies = 1,800
Fall = 1,500
Mack & Rita = 1,900

CinemaScore ratings:
Bodies Bodies Bodies = n/a
Fall = B
Mack & Rita = D+

– SB

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