Hi all, we have some great news! Thanks to the hard work of our pool Administrators (and additional thanks to our site testers) we have re-introduced the feature where your picks can be made directly on the website. Exciting! 

Entry into the Summer Movie Pool will be invite-only, so if you wish to play this year and have not yet received a confirmation email from the site, contact us at summermoviepool@gmail.com so that we can get your account set up. 

All 2023 SMP players have already had their User accounts generated, and direct emails from the site were sent identifying their personal Username along with a weblink to access and set up their own password. This email came from summermoviepool@gmail.com and is titled [Summer Movie Pool] Login Details, so be sure to check your Spam folder if you do not see it in your Inbox.

Below are the directions to access your account, set your password and access the Pick Movies page. For those that already submitted their Top 10 picks via email as previously directed, you will want to take this opportunity to enter them directly into the site.

Should you need any assistance with your account, or if you identify a discrepancy with the listed movies (missing, incorrect release date, etc.) please feel free to contact us at summermoviepool@gmail.com so that we can help as needed.

Just remember that the only way to play is to be registered on the website, and the deadline to make your picks is Wednesday 5/1 at 11:59pm PDT. Enjoy!

Directions to Join the 2024 Summer Movie Pool

  • After letting the Admins know that you wish to participate in the 2024 SMP, your User Account will be created on the back end.
    • A registration confirmation will be emailed to you.
    • This email could take several minutes to arrive. Keep an eye on your Spam box.
  • In the received email, click the link to access and set up a password.
    • In the highlighted field you will see a predetermined full-complex password, which you can simply delete to create your own.
    • It is strongly recommended to create a full-complex password:
      • An English uppercase character (A-Z)
      • An English lowercase character (a-z)
      • A number (0-9)
      • A symbol (such as !, #, or %)
      • Ten or more characters total
    • Be sure to keep your new password handy.
    • Click Save Password when ready to proceed.
  • Once your password has been reset, click the Log in link to access the site.
  • You will initially be taken to your Profile page on the site, where you can review/edit your First and Last Name.
    • You can also reset your password here if you like.
    • Your Username is not able to be edited.
    • Your account will be as a Subscriber (basic member) of the site.
    • Click Update Profile when completed.
  • When logged into the site you will see Howdy, <Username> in the top-right corner of the page.
    • Hovering your cursor over it you will have the options to Edit Profile and Log Out.
  • To access the website from this page, click on the Summer Movie Pool main link in the top-left corner.
  • Now that you are back to the Main Page of the website, hover your cursor over Account and click Pick Movies.
  • Follow the directions on the Picks page to select your list of Top 10 movies and click Update when complete.
  • All picks will remain confidential until the published date when the Standings and Picks pages will be revealed to all.

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