3 Wide + 1 Limited pop into the Projected Top 10 this weekend. But being honest, this is looking like subpar numbers from top to bottom.

36 players selected The Flash, with an overall average placement of 5.4. 1 player even has it as their #1 movie. $69M will be good enough to make the cut, but nothing too lofty.

28 players selected Elemental, with an overall average placement of 7.5. Pixar has never failed in the summer. Ever. But a $33M opening?? On 4,000 screens?? Where is this disinterest coming from? Perhaps it’s due to the 3 most recent Pixar’s going straight to streaming, conditioning families to just be patient and they’ll get it on their telly soon enough. Well done, Disney.

1 player took a chance on The Blackening. That one’s looking DOA.

And 1 player took Asteroid City, which starts off as a Limited release this weekend before going Wide. It’ll at least get my $$$.

Ok, I still can’t get over just $33M for Elemental. An opening that low would be crushing to most of us!

Boxoffice Pro forecast for this weekend:

#Wknd (M)Total (M)
1The Flash69.069.0
3Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse31.6283.1
4Transformers: Rise of the Beasts22.8102.2
5The Little Mermaid18.2261.1
6The Blackening8.38.3
7Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 35.4344.8
8The Boogeyman4.233.1
9Fast X3.6144.1
10Asteroid City0.70.7

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:

Critics ScoreAudience Score
The Flash67%86%
The Blackening85%82%
Asteroid City73%50%

Theater counts:

The Flash4,232
The Blackening1,775
Asteroid City6

CinemaScore ratings:

The FlashB
The BlackeningB+
Asteroid CityB

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