For the third straight weekend the top-grossing movie has exceeded The Numbers’ expert projection, as IF took in $33M (originally estimated at $23M) to immediately become #3 on the list. Based on Saturday’s stronger-than-expected results along with the announced ‘A’ CinemaScore, Sunday’s estimate was up to $35M but the actuals came in a little lower. Nevertheless, that ‘A’ score + current 87% RT Audience rating is certainly promising for future holds. For those that picked it, just remember 2023’s Elemental to keep hopes alive. Next weekend being a 4-day holiday weekend won’t hurt either.

The Strangers: Chapter 1 came in nearly exactly as projected with $11M. We can agree that it doesn’t have any chance for Top 10 with terrible RT scores and a ‘C’ CinemaScore.

Despite a B+ CinemaScore and strong RT Audience rating, Black to Black was DOA with $2.8M. Even the IMAX-exclusive The Blue Angels (playing in only 227 theaters) made half that amount this weekend and currently sits at #9 on our list. Ouch.

Another newcomer to the Top 10 is the (still Limited) expansion of I Saw the TV Glow, resulting in the drop-offs of both Not Another Church Movie and The Last Stop in Yuma County. Dragonkeeper is still hanging on by a thread.

In holdover news, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes became our first $100M movie in its second weekend. While the hold of -56.4% isn’t ideal, the start of this summer would indicate that it’s safe for Top 10.

Next Weekend: 3 wide releases, and 2 were selected. Furiosa (40 players) is already sitting on an excellent 86% RT score with an early $40-55M opening range. Garfield (23 players) is showing a 49% RT score (yikes) with an early $30-50M opening range. The third Wide release is Sight with a 73% RT score, which no players picked.

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