The Actuals are in for the first weekend of the summer, and the results for The Fall Guy ended up slightly better than its bleak projection. What was once a $30-40M opening quickly became a $25M opening just before our picks cutoff date. A $27.7M actual gross could be glass-half-full promising for longevity when factoring in its current RT critics score (83%), current audience score (87%) and CinemaScore (A-). But we can all agree that this is a HUGE disappointment to start the summer. Like, Kingdom of Heaven bad… only worse. As The Numbers expertly detailed, 71% of the weekend audience was age 25+ and “a high number for a movie like this.” And per Deadline, “Universal is confident that given the exits for Fall Guy, more women will come out in the month ahead as it’s the only choice for that audience in a guy skewing marketplace of Furiosa, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, and Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” Fingers crossed for the majority of us.

Good news for Tina… Viva Pictures reported box office grosses this weekend for Dragonkeeper. Bad news for Tina… it was only $400K.

Next Weekend: 3 movies were selected, plus another expected to go Wide. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (selected by 40 players with an average placement of 5.5) is the big one. 1 player selected Not Another Church Movie, and 1 other selected The Last Stop in Yuma County. Perhaps they know something we don’t?

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