4 new movies released this weekend joined the list, and none of them topped $3.6M. In a Violent Nature (picked by 1 player) exceeded even the lowest of expectations with $2.2M, but that’s not enough for our current Top 10 which had no major changes.

The lack of new releases meant that the holdovers should have experienced low drops over the weekend, and that they did… with the exception of only the highest-rated ‘major’ movie of the summer, Furiosa, which suffered nearly a 60%(!) drop.

The Fall Guy-29.8%
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes-33.0%
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga-59.0%
The Garfield Movie-41.7%

I just don’t know what to say at this point. We can’t say that “no one is going to the theater,” as Apes is at $140M and counting after 4 weekends. I’m at a loss.

Top 10 IN

  • No changes

Top 10 OUT

  • No changes

Holdover News

  • Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is still going strong as our #1 with another $8M in Weekend #4.
  • Fall Guy had another fantastic hold of -29.8% (best of the weekend) to cross $80M. $90M is very doable.
  • IF is now only $200K behind Fall Guy and should take over the #2 spot by tonight or tomorrow.
  • With $3M more earned this weekend, Garfield just jumped Furiosa into the #4 spot.
  • Back to Black is STILL hanging onto that #9 spot with $6M.

Next Weekend:┬áIt’s Bad Boys to the rescue, as Ride or Die (selected by 33 players) will easily enter the Top 10. Boxoffice Pro (are they still relevant?) has it tracking at a $50-70M opening. We also have The Watchers (4 players) tracking at a $12-20M opening.

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