The initial spreadsheets have been uploaded to the site (both the Player Picks and the ORIG Grid), and we are so very “old school” with the functionality as our Current Standings and Picks pages are back to being manually driven. Just gotta make it happen! Still, we are extremely pleased to see 41 completed entries in SMP 2022! Such a great turnout knowing we would have considered ourselves lucky to have even 20 players return (I personally had no doubts).

We’ve made it through a few recent hiccups with the site now on a new host, so if any issues are experienced while navigating through the pages to please let us know at

With a $290 total prize pot (an extra $10 was generously kicked in by one of our players) we are looking at the following payouts for this summer while staying close to the traditional 75/20/5 percentage structure:

First Place = $210.00
Second Place = $50.00
Third Place = $20.00
Bonehead Award = $10.00

It should be noted that while we have had the luxury of free web hosting services during the prior 12 years, this year we must begin payment for our new host. Between the web host and the cost of the SMP domain we are allocating $130.00 toward the annual Maintenance Fees. Just the price of doing business these days.

The Picks breakdown will be posted soon, and at this time everyone can now sit back and enjoy the regular updates of the pool 🙂

– SB

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