We have confirmed the 43 entries and this pool is now locked. Game on!

Always great to see our (growing) core group return year after year, and it’s especially great to see some friends return to the SMP after a short break.

A quick shout out to the team that has helped maintain this site through the years, especially with the multiple host migrations (and gotchas) over the past couple years. Their continued efforts are greatly appreciated. Adding pick functionality and weekly box office data pulls to the site in time for this year’s pool is super awesome as it just made my job much easier. Thanks guys!!

With the picks published we now have access to the following pages as listed on the Menu Bar:

  • Movie Grid
    • This page is the full table that currently includes all selected movies, all remaining Wide releases and any other movie this summer expected to gross a minimum of $1M. The table has been cleaned up to remove 28 Limited release movies that no one picked. They’ll be re-added if they gross $1M+.
  • Scoreboard
    • This page is dynamic and updates automatically as the weekly box office data is entered into the site. The full list of players is priority sorted by 1) # of Top 10 Picks, and 2) Deviation Score. No need to stress placement over the first couple months, as the Scoreboard will really begin to take shape once July rolls around.
  • Player Picks
    • This page is a table of each player’s submitted picks. This year’s vertical format should be easier to read everyone’s selections.
  • File Downloads
    • This page includes all documents available for download, including the Weekend Comparison spreadsheets that are posted weekly.

We ask that everyone take a quick moment to review the Movie Grid and Player Picks pages to confirm accuracy of their submitted picks, and let us know ASAP if any issues.

This summer looks to be largely the same grouping of picks… but there are also some surprise selections and big chances taken, especially in the month of August. We will soon be posting a deeper analysis of all picks, and at quick glance the 31 different movies selected seems to be greater than the norm. Exciting.

Thanks to the increased count of entries this year we have a pot of $330 for payouts that includes a 3rd Place prize. And keeping with our standard payout percentages we are looking at the following prize structure for this summer:

  • 1st Place = $250
  • 2nd Place = $50
  • 3rd Place = $20
  • Bonehead Award = $10

Be sure to keep an eye out for new post updates, and feel free to join in the commentary on the message board.

Good luck to everyone here!

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