After 3 lonnnnng years of waiting we finally get to see Top Gun: Maverick, and the reviews from both critics and audience are stellar. Every player selected it, and projections have it at approx. $156M by EOD Monday. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is also getting fantastic reviews, but it’s expected to only reach $12M by Monday. I didn’t pick it, but as a fan of the show I personally hope it does much better than that.’s predictions for this 4-day holiday weekend:
1) Top Gun: Maverick – 130M (156M)
2) Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness – 14.6M (372.8M)
3) The Bob’s Burgers Movie – 9.6M (12M)
4) Downton Abbey: A New Era – 7.6M (31.5M)
8) Men – 1.5M (6.3M)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings (Critics / Audience Score):
Top Gun: Maverick = 97% / 99%
The Bob’s Burgers Movie = 88% / 96%

Theater count:
Top Gun: Maverick = 4,735
The Bob’s Burgers Movie = 3,425

CinemaScore ratings:
Top Gun: Maverick = A+
The Bob’s Burgers Movie = A

Everyone have a fun and SAFE holiday weekend!!

– SB

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