Two Wide releases this weekend, and 9 players are hoping Downton Abbey: A New Era can capture the magic of the original. Downton previewed with $1M in Thursday night’s shows… but that was half as much as the original’s previews in 2019. A $20M opening would be an interesting start since we have no idea what the bottom of the Top 10 list will be like this summer.’s predictions for this weekend:
1) Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness – 30M (341.2M)
2) Downton Abbey: A New Era – 20M (20M)
4) Men – 5.4M (5.4M)
8) Firestarter – 1.6M (6.5M)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings (Critics / Audience Score):
Downton Abbey: A New Era = 85% / 98%
Men = 76% / 58%

Theater count:
Downton Abbey: A New Era = 3,815
Men = 2,220

CinemaScore ratings:
Downton Abbey: A New Era = A
Men = D+

– SB

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