The holiday weekend Actuals are in… and Top Gun: Maverick has officially crushed the 4-day Memorial Weekend record (previously held by Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) with a $160.5M opening. Boom! Kudos to Paramount for not caving to the allure of streaming clicks by making Top Gun 2 a cheap prop for its super lame Paramount+ platform (I have it so I know first-hand just how bad it is). This is the biggest opening for Tommy Tom, and deservedly so. I saw it Sunday night in AMC Dolby and that was truly made for the big screen. Definitely going bigger to see it again in IMAX. Tom is the best!

The weekend also gave us The Bob’s Burgers Movie, which may have exceeded expectations but $14M is just not going to cut it.

Next Weekend: 6/7/22 Edit – Ok I jumped the gun thinking Jurassic World: Dominion was set to release. Nope! Something bailed on this weekend and left a gap in the schedule. And just what TG2 needs to kick more ass.

– SB

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