For those who have played this SMP over the years, we all know the “rule of 50%” as it pertains to the % drop of a movie’s earnings from one weekend to the next. It’s a “rule” here because 50% is the standard that determines just how slowly or quickly a movie will fade over the upcoming weeks. Well thanks to this past weekend of no major releases, Top Gun 2 again dominated the box office with another $90M and a ridiculous second weekend drop of only 28.9%. Wow! To help put things in context, no movie that has ever earned $100M+ in its opening weekend had a smaller second weekend drop than TG2. Assuming the “rule of 50%” holds steady for TG2, it could surpass both Strange 2 and the $400M mark within the next 10 days. I did NOT see this coming, so props are in order for the three players who made it their #1. Things are looking good for them right now… but let’s wait and see how it does next weekend against some real competition.

Next Weekend: Rarghhhhh! EVERYONE here took the next blockbuster on the list… Jurassic World: Dominion. Boxoffice Pro (I gotta get used to this name change) has an early projection opening of $160M-$210M. That’s quite a range, so let’s call it $185M for now.

– SB

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