Another one-movie weekend, and this one is a biggie. All 41 players picked Marvel’s latest, Thor: Love and Thunder, with 5 putting it at #1. It’s certainly going to rake in cash with a projected $154M opening, however that 69% Critics rating on RT is not going to help its legs. The Top Critics only have it at 54% “fresh”, which is interesting to see because anything below 60% is considered “rotten” on RT. Hmmmm. Doesn’t matter. Marvel will strike again.’s predictions for this weekend:
1) Thor: Love and Thunder – 154M (154M)
2) Minions: The Rise of Gru – 44M (206.5M)
3) Top Gun: Maverick – 18.8M (601.8M)
4) Elvis – 13M (93.2M)
5) Jurassic World Dominion – 9M (351M)
6) The Black Phone – 7.1M (62.4M)
7) Lightyear – 3.6M (113M)
8) Mr. Malcolm’s List – 475K (1.7M)

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings (Critics / Audience Score):
Thor: Love and Thunder = 68% / 87%

Theater count:
Thor: Love and Thunder = 4,375

CinemaScore ratings:
Thor: Love and Thunder = B+

– SB

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