Our work is complete, and now we can just sit back and let the next 4 months of this movie season play out 😀

Gotta say thanks to many of you for the excellent word-of-mouth, as we just hit a record 70 players this year. 70!! More players = more $$$ for someone here. Our previous high count was 63 back in 2014 (with a top payout of $450), and this year we added 25 new movie fanatics. Welcome to the SMP! As I posted earlier, we have now gone 7 straight years with someone new winning this pool… and one of them was a newbie when they won. It can be done.

Of our original $700.00 pot, $30.00 will apply toward the administration of the website (domain and hosted server maintenance). Of the remaining $670.00, the breakdown for 2017 will be as follows (keeping in line with prior year payouts):

1st Place = $500.00
2nd Place = $120.00
3rd Place = $40.00
Bonehead Award = $10.00

$500.00 to our winner. Oh yeahhhh!!

The Current Standings page has been updated with everyone’s selections, and we’ve removed all non-selected Limited release movies and non-participants. Seeing as we re-add movies to the Standings once they earn $1M, this year we’ve left all Wide release in the list to start. With 70 players it’s a long list, but remember that there is the ability to hover your cursor over the tri-letter names to better identify the player. These names match the Display Names on the Scoreboard page. You can also hover your cursor over any particular ranking in the Current Standings grid to better identify the name of the specific movie. Enjoy!

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