Who’s ready for a little analysis of our 2017 Summer Movie Pool picks?? Yeah we’re three weeks in, but who cares? Good things come to those who wait.

Only 24 films overall were selected (6 fewer than last year), and 2-3 look Bonehead-worthy. Before the summer started I counted 13 legit contenders for Top 10 status, but that August 2015 run by Straight Outta Compton proved anything can happen. And remember, nobody really knows anything.

Here are the numbers that we should keep an eye on for each ‘major’ movie (10+ selections this year):

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – May 5
70 people / Avg placement = 1.1 / Highest placement = 1
A no-brainer as everyone picked it. Seven didn’t make it their #1, with the lowest at #3. Understandable.

Alien: Covenant – May 19
36 people / Avg placement = 8.1 / Highest placement = 4
Our first “swing” selection of the summer, as half the pool picked it. Prometheus squeaked in at #10 back in 2012 with 126M. Has the same buzz, and they wisely used the word “Alien” in the title.

Baywatch – May 25
41 people / Avg placement = 8.4 / Highest placement = 2
Another swing selection, but this one has toned bodies, the beach, and The Rock all on Memorial Day weekend. Genius. Please don’t be too stupid of a film. And someone REALLY likes it as their #2 pick!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – May 26
66 people / Avg placement = 5.4 / Highest placement = 1
I won’t lie… I’m still a big fan of the franchise, and I expect Javier Bardem to continue the run of well-cast villians. It’s the perfect summer movie, and all but four of us agree.

Wonder Woman – June 2
67 people / Avg placement = 4.6 / Highest placement = 2
I have only two words: Golden Lasso. Wonder Womaaaaaaaannnn!

The Mummy – June 9
38 people / Avg placement = 8.3 / Highest placement = 4
Hey, another swing selection. This one is a real toss up, as Tom Cruise hasn’t exactly been on fire outside his Mission Impossible series, and the last two Mummy flicks weren’t hits (cost me my 10-for-10!).

Cars 3 – June 16
63 people / Avg placement = 6.0 / Highest placement = 2
Everyone here knows to take the Pixar film, right? No? Oops. This is the same weekend as last year’s Finding Dory. You can lock it in.

Transformers: The Last Knight – June 23
66 people / Avg placement = 5.6 / Highest placement = 2
Is Michael Bay referencing himself as “The Last Knight”? Because last I read this is his final one as director. Not really surprised to see it averaged at #5, as I’m unfortunately just not that interested. But of course I’ll still go see it. Eh.

Despicable Me 3 – June 30
69 people / Avg placement = 3.3 / Highest placement = 1
Why do I have a How To Train Your Dragon 2 or Kung Fu Panda 2 feeling about this one? It’ll certainly make the list (everyone but one person thinks so), but finishing #3? I dunno. And I even have it as my #2.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – July 7
69 people / Avg placement = 3.6 / Highest placement = 1
Spidey’s back! Again! Marvel is simply amazing (pun not intended) with their casting and character placement decisions. Tom Holland’s Spidey was perhaps the best part of Civil War, and now everyone wants to see him again. Well, everyone except one person. Tsk tsk.

War For the Planet of the Apes – July 14
51 people / Avg placement = 7.5 / Highest placement = 4
Geez how many sequels have I listed already? Hard to argue with the prior films’ results (176M and 208M), so this was likely an instinctive selection for many.

Dunkirk – July 21
27 people / Avg placement = 8.3 / Highest placement = 2
The most intriguing movie of the summer. And sadly the only original idea of the bunch. I’ll definitely be seeing this, and really want it to be awesome, but just couldn’t identify the necessary star power to select it. Kudos to those who had the guts to pick it. Someone even has it as their #2.

I may not have picked all of them, but these are the movies I really want to see the most in theaters: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (check), Alien: CovenantPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesWonder WomanBaby Driver (HUGE Edgar Wright fan), Spider-Man: Homecoming (everyone knows I love me some Spidey), Dunkirk, and The Dark Tower.

I hope everyone enjoys this summer as much as I will. Too bad Sponge (AGAIN!) has nearly perfectly identical picks as me. Stop doing that!!!

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