The below has been sent out to all current, former and prospective SMP players (along with entry payment directions)…

SUMMER MOVIE POOL XXIV IS ON… and this is your invite!  After over a year of hard work, complete with lessons learned, the new SMP website ( is finally up and running.  Archive posts from prior years are actively being loaded and a bit of cleanup is in order, but all the best historical data including our Boneheads and Gallery images are ready to enjoy.  Note the method of pool entry submission this summer (same as 2022) and the timing of pool entry payment.  Let’s Roll! 

2022 RECAP

After a two-year hiatus, SMP 2022 was back in force with 41 entries.  Despite concerns regarding the future health of theaters, Top Gun: Maverick went out and obliterated the competition with an all-time summer record $692M.  Only 3 players finished with 9 correct picks, and then to make things even more thrilling our pool came down to a Deviation Score TIE and a share of the Championship!

  • 1st Place (tie) – Dennis Berg (9 correct / Deviation Score 19)
  • 1st Place (tie) – JP Bernardo (9 correct / Deviation Score 19)
  • 3rd Place – Mark Adolphus (9 correct / Deviation Score 27)
  • Bonehead Award (tie) – Clayton Vandiver + Gretchen Hinton

2023 RULES

As posted on the Rules page of the website:

  • The pool officially runs from May 1 to Aug 31, so the only eligible movies are those that are released domestically within that date range.
  • Submit your Top 10 list of movies in the order that you believe they will finish.
  • Entries will be submitted via EMAIL to
  • The SMP 2023 entry deadline is Tuesday May 2 at 11:59pm PST.  At that time the pool will lock so that data can be compiled in time for the first opening weekend.
  • Entry Fee = $10.00 due by Friday May 5.
  • The final box office earnings will be tallied on Sept 1, which is when the SMP winner will be determined.
  • The player with the highest # of correct Top 10 picks wins.
  • In the event of a tie, the Deviation Score for all contenders’ picks will be calculated.
  • There will always be a 1st Place + 2nd Place + Bonehead Award prize.  A 3rd Place prize will be subject to the total # of entries.

A 2023 Picks Tips page is posted on the site to aid in your research.

Any questions?  E-mail us at

See you all soon!!

– SB

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