The 8/31 Actuals are in, and we have our 2022 SMP winner. Or should I say… WINNERS. In a miraculous comeback, one that we have never before seen, Dennis B. was able to tie John B. with a Deviation Score of 19 thanks to the performance of Nope over the final 3 days of August. Someone has a new favorite movie! Needing ~$684K from Nope in 3 weekdays, Dennis got $732,470 against Lightyear’s $2,694 to flip spots in the Top 10 based on the daily totals for each:



The final totals for both movies through Wednesday 8/31 on the BOM Daily Tracker shows:

Nope = $118,350,670
Lightyear = $118,294,143

Incredible. Just another $57K from Lightyear this summer and John B. gets 1st Place all to himself. But Nope! (sorry, that was too easy) Hey, he’s still a winner. They both are, and they’ll split the combined 1st and 2nd Place prize payouts.

Mark A. also finished tied with 9 correct picks, but his Deviation Score was a bit lower and thus wasn’t part of the final chase. He still gets the 3rd Place prize. Congrats guys!

The final Current Standings has been posted, and we’ll have the Final SMP Recap posted shortly.

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone. And be safe!!

– SB

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