No movement within the Top 10, but both DC Pets and Bullet Train gained on Crawdads in a weekend of no new major releases. Bullet Train did exactly as expected, which wasn’t really all that great seeing the even lower % drops by nearly every other movie, while DC Pets (to no surprise) did slightly less. What a bust.

The weekend did have a surprise entry as despite previously being only listed as ‘Limited’ on Box Office Mojo, Fall actually went Wide with 1500+ screens, a 73% score on RT, and a ‘B’ CinemaScore. Whoops! I made sure to give it the love it deserves in the updated 8/12 post.

No changes in the Top 10 means no changes to our current Scoreboard. However, I did take a moment to break down the current Deviation Scores among the players currently leading with 9 correct picks. There are still 2 weekends remaining for some more shuffling, and this race for first place is TIGHT:

John Bernardo (JoB) = 18
Dennis Berg (DB) = 20
Mark Adolphus (MA) = 26

Weekly Top Gun: Maverick update: Another $7M (a 0.2% gain over last weekend thanks to the INCREASE in 421 theaters) keeps it at #7 ALL TIME with $673M. #6 Avengers: Infinity War at $678M is most definitely going down this weekend.

Next Weekend: We should get at least one new entry hitting double-digits in the thriller Beast, and possibly a second in the animated Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

– SB

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