Another weekend of no movement in the Top 10, and at the rate that Crawdads keeps making money these final weeks it’s looking like it’ll (just barely) hold off Bullet TrainBullet hopped DC Pets for the #11 spot, but it doesn’t appear right now that anyone will be getting a Perfect 10 this summer.

That one-spot movement for Bullet impacted our leaders’ current Deviation Scores equally, and with only 1 weekend remaining we might not see any more shuffling. UNLESS… (and there’s always a chance) Nope can make up the current $4.5M difference to take over the #7 spot currently held by LightyearNope earned $3.6M last weekend while Lightyear did less than $100K, and there are 10 days remaining before the SMP cutoff. There’s still hope for Dennis as this should go down to the wire… and he should probably go see it at the theater about 10 times over the next week.

John Bernardo (JoB) = 17
Dennis Berg (DB) = 19
Mark Adolphus (MA) = 25

Weekly Top Gun: Maverick update: Just as expected, another $5.9M (only a 16% drop) moved it up to #6 ALL TIME with $683M. #5 Black Panther is next at $700M, and while we may not see it take over by September 1… it’s going to happen.

Next Weekend: Box Office Mojo lists 4 new Wide releases, including the very last movie selected this SMP. 1 player picked Samaritan, perhaps not realizing it was going direct to Amazon Prime Video, so I’m not exactly sure it’s going “Wide”. Limited seems more accurate. Plus, we should remember what happened to The Gray Man as it officially earned $0 Domestic thanks to Netflix’s box office reporting policy. If Samaritan does report box office numbers this weekend as a Limited release we should have our Bonehead for the summer 🙂

– SB

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