Coming into the 2nd weekend of the 2018 Summer Movie Pool we have 3 new contenders, all 3 picked by SMP veterans, and marking the comeback of long-time vet Kurt Weierstall. Do they know something we don’t? We will see at the close of the weekend but early estimates don’t look promising.

Box Office Mojo’s weekend predictions
1. Avengers: Infinity War (4,474 theaters) – $62.0 M
2. Life of the Party (3,656 theaters) – $21.0 M
3. Breaking In (2,537 theaters) – $18.0 M
4.Overboard (2,006 theaters) – $9.0 M

…and Revenge is opening in limited release so they don’t have a predicition (hopefully higher than last weeks Guardians).

Weekend Releases Rotten Tomatoes Scores
1. Revenge 90% FRESH!
2. Life of the party 38% ROTTEN!
3. Breaking In 34% ROTTEN!

– MC

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