The final month of summer is upon us – and it looks like we are going out with a bang with the mind-numbingly stupid Hobbes & Shaw rocketing to the number one spot this weekend with a 60.8M debut

Jason Statham looks to continue owning August releases with this latest in the suprisingly popular F & F series. I have yet to watch any of them – although I did watch The Last Witchhunter last night for the second time. Priorities!

The Lion King continued to line Disneys pockets with another 38.2M, setting up Disney to have 7 total releases this year to make over a Billion (thats billion with a “B”) each, assuming that Frozen 2 and Star Wars: Beat a Dead Horse perform as expected. The house of mouse is really raking it in this year. Oh yeah, and in other news, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood limped its way to scrape up a paltry 20M this weekend. Time to hang it up, Tarantino!

Boxoffice Mojo Weekend Estimates:
1) Fast & Furious Presents: Calvin & Shaw – 60M (60M)
2) The Lion King – 38.2M (430.9M)
3) Its a Chopper, Baby – 20M (78M)
4) Spider-Man: Far From Home – 7.7M (360.4M)
5) Toy Story 4 – 7.1M (410M)

– MC

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