Note – The Numbers is continually a bit behind in their projections as compared to other sources (while also being a bit ‘sandbaggy’), so we will pivot to Box Office Theory as they were evidently the brains behind the Boxoffice Pro data we’ve enjoyed for years.

It’s a 4-day holiday weekend in honor of Memorial Day, and that means extra $$$ for all movies in what is shaping up to be a deflated summer. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (selected by 40 players) is expected to finish atop the weekend list at $47M, while The Garfield Movie (23 players) should be second at $35M. But that’s where the similarities end as the RT scores are wildly opposite. Furiosa is already the highest-rated ‘major’ movie of the summer at 90%/93%, however, Garfield is currently sitting at 38%/82%. Even the Top Critics score is at 13%. THIRTEEN. And this is potentially going to out-earn The Fall Guy?!

All ‘TBD’ data will be populated in the upcoming days once it is updated by their sites.

Box Office Theory forecast for this 4-Day weekend:

#4-Day Wknd (M)Total (M)Theater Counts
1Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga47.047.0~3,750
2The Garfield Movie35.035.04,035
4Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes 15.2124.13,550
6The Strangers: Chapter 16.422.12,856
7The Fall Guy5.671.82,955
9Back to Black1.65.52,013

Rotten Tomatoes freshness ratings:

All Critics ScoreTop Critics ScoreAudience Score
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga 90%83%93%
The Garfield Movie 38%13%82%

CinemaScore ratings:

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga B+
The Garfield Movie B+

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