Another Top 10 shuffle as it’s Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One in at #10 and a big slide out for The Boogeyman.

M:I7 joining the Top 10 in its first weekend wasn’t a surprise, but a $78M 5-day opening was certainly not the $100M that Boxoffice Pro projected. Don’t fret, as it was still the 4th best opening of the summer. And it was close, but it juuuust edged out Fallout to become the best 5-day opening of the franchise.

Stealing a bit of its thunder, however, was the 2nd weekend for Sound of Freedom. Adding 413 screens to an already-Wide release understandably would help the numbers, but no one could have predicted a 38.6% weekend GAIN to put it at $85M after 12 days. With $100M now a certainty it’s been added to the big boy list known as the Weekend Comparisons. Its shocking Top 10 presence is likely going to ruin the summer for some of us.

Anyone else notice that Fast X quietly disappeared from the box office list this weekend? Looks like the plug got pulled early by Universal after last weekend’s $131K showing and it’s now streamer-time. I’d say that $145M SHOULD be safe… but we could sadly revisit 2014 to see when Neighbors missed the cut despite earning $150M. Ugh, that was a painful summer for Chapman and me as we both barely missed a Perfect 10 in the final weekend thanks to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ($162M). Grrrrr.

And I’ll just mention quickly that Elemental had another amazing hold of -9.3% to keep hanging on to that #7 spot.

Next Weekend: This is the explosive weekend we’ve been waiting for, as it’s Barbie (picked by 26 players) vs. Oppenheimer (22 players). The Top 10 is starting to get a bit crowded but perhaps there’s room for both of them. There’s aren’t any RT ratings to share for either movie at this time, but Boxoffice Pro is projecting early for Barbie to destroy with a $115M-$155M opening.

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