Another Top 10 shuffle, and this one’s a doozie as Barbie debuted allllll the way up at #4 after just 3 days. And now that all the summer fodder is out of the way it’s become meaningful when something else drops out. Our first major loss is The Flash (selected by 36 players), which amazingly won’t even hit $110M.

With stunning opening weekends of $162M for Barbie and $82M for Oppenheimer, this weekend’s total box office of $307M was tops for 2023. Barbie’s weekend haul earned all kinds of accolades, including:

  • #1 opening of the year (previous best was $146M for The Super Mario Bros. Movie)
  • #20 opening all-time
  • Already at #7 overall for 2023

Oppenheimer’s weekend haul landed it at #11 all-time for R-rated movies.

Kudos to the 14 of you who wisely selected both movies. Interestingly, 13 of them appear at this time to have slipped up by missing another critical movie on their list. But the 14th will have only “missed” on Fast X, which we know should drop out anyway. I won’t divulge that player’s name just yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye on them as they don’t have any movies on their list remaining to be released.

Next Weekend: Disney’s Haunted Mansion looks better than Eddie Murphy’s 2003 version, and 2 players are hoping it doesn’t drown in Barbenheimer’s wake.

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