Hope everyone here had a great holiday… and kudos to those who even managed to get Monday off work (not me).

Another Top 10 shuffle as it’s 1 out and 1 in. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny enters The List at #8, while Book Club: The Next Chapter finally drops out after nearly 2 months.

Hollywood really wants to call this a “5-day weekend”, but Monday was pretty much a normal working day for most and we’ve already seen better Monday performances this summer. Yet even with the extra days of tracking, Disney and Indy 5 most definitely underachieved with that $60M/$83M opening. Sure, it’s the fifth-best opening all time for the July 4th long weekend, but this weekend historically isn’t as explosive as expected. Just one month ago Boxoffice Pro projected it with a $81M-$111M weekend and a $225M-$380M total run. Yeahhhhhno. I saw it, and I enjoyed it. Certainly more than Crystal Skull. Of course, there was also a family of 5 to my right with 3 kids that were pretty much bored throughout. No matter how awesome Indiana Jones is, I think it’s safe to say that old man Harrison does not resonate with the younger audience. This movie wasn’t made for them, and that clearly hurt the opening numbers. It’s Disney, so maybe it will still have legs.

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken is DOA with just $7M over 5 days. Likely another example of parents knowing they only need to wait 45 days to see it on a streamer. Maybe sooner.

Looking specifically at F-M numbers, once again the majority of the weekend’s holdovers sustained sub-50% losses. Elemental may have started off ridiculously low for a Pixar flick, but it has since put together the best holds of the summer at -37.7% and -34.2% and is now sitting at $95.5M after 3 weekends. On the flip side there’s just no hope for The Flash, which has now gone back-to back -72.5% and -65.4%. It may currently be at $101M, but it’s crashing hard and just might be the odd one out come September.

Next Weekend: The week got an early start with Sound of Freedom that opened on Tuesday 7/4 to a very surprising $14M. More on that in the upcoming Weekend Preview. 2 more Wide releases open on Friday. 2 players are taking a flyer on the summer’s other raunchy comedy, Joy Ride (currently at 92% on RT), while 1 player is going the horror route with Insidious: The Red Door (no RT score yet).

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