Another Top 10 shuffle as it’s 1 out and 1 in. No Hard Feelings slides in at #10 with just a $15M opening, while About My Father hits the curb.

Nearly all of last weekend’s holdovers got a nice boost from the lack of new releases as the holds were strong. -37% for Elemental. -43% for Transformers. -29% for Spidey-verse. -22% for Little Mermaid. -34% for GOTG3. Heck, even -48% for Fast X.

That is, all of them except The Flash. Congrats to WB/DC for landing at #81 on the list of biggest second-weekend drops in historyyyy with -72.5%. We’re talking a Morbius-level drop (-73% in 2022). I’m reading that $100M is in jeopardy… but that’s not quite realistic knowing it’s currently at $87M. I still don’t see it missing Top 10.

Here’s something positive among recent box office struggles: looking at the Weekend Comparisons spreadsheet the second-weekend multiplier for Elemental was 2.21 ($65.5M/$29.6M). That’s by far the highest score this summer thanks to very strong weekday numbers, and certainly promising for those of us who selected it.

Next Weekend: 2 new releases led by the unanimously-selected Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. It’s already got a 63% RT score from All Critics (138 reviews) and 54% from Top Critics (39 reviews). Jerks. And 1 player took a flyer on the animated Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken. Maybe it’ll surprise with its current 78% RT score?

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