More shakeup in the Top 10 as it’s 2 out and 2 in. Spidey-Verse 2 took over the #2 spot. Gone are The Machine and Love Again. And to no surprise The Flash and Elemental jumped right in. Unfortunately, they didn’t land as high as expected.

I’m not certain the reason, but this was simply a terrible weekend at the box office. Flash was projected to do $69M but only came in at $55M. Shoot, back in mid-May Boxoffice Pro had it estimated at $115-140M opening. Yowza! $55M was a disastrous opening for WB/DC, and that ‘B’ CinemaScore isn’t going to help at all.

Even more disastrous was the opening for Elemental, as $29M still fell short of its already-low projection. Mid-June isn’t known to be a bad summer weekend, as just last year the top-3 movies (Jurassic World: Dominion, Lightyear and Top Gun: Maverick) finished 1-2-3 for a combined $225M. This year? $111M.

The Blackening came in 6th with just $6M. And how about that 66.1% second-weekend drop for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Terrible.

Yet while 8 of Boxoffice Pro’s projected 10 fell short of expectations, there were a couple highlights starting with GOTG3 again holding better than 50% (-26.8%). And then there was the real surprise with Asteroid City earning $845K from 6 (!) theaters. That’s $140K per screen. Math is amazing!

Next Weekend: 1 new release in the R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings (picked by 1 player) along with Asteroid City expanding Wide. Still no critic reviews for Feelings, which is not a good sign.

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