Current Top 10

Well now, just when we thought the Transformers franchise was winding down with low (and dropping) projections, Rise of the Beasts rallies for a surprising $61M. It certainly won’t finish as high as #2 like 1 player picked, but it also won’t be at risk of falling out completely (as I feared). Let’s see how its second weekend holds with an ‘A-‘ CinemaScore.

Speaking of holds, Spidey-Verse just hit the best 2nd-weekend multiplier of the summer with a 1.87 score (GOTG3 scored a 1.81). Take a look at the most recent Weekend Recap spreadsheet to see all the big movie comparisons.

And why stop there, as GOTG3 has now gone all 5 weekends with sub-50% drops. Very impressive. $350M looks to be a certainty.

At this point it’s probably safe to say that half of the Top 10 list is decided, and 23 of 38 players are currently in good shape being 5-for-5 with their picks. We still have 6 more major releases to come out… so something big is getting left out. Keep that July 21 weekend circled.

Next Weekend: 3 Wide releases including the MUCH discussed The Flash (selected by 36 players), Pixar’s Elemental (28 players) and The Blackening (1 player). We also get the Limited-release of Asteroid City (1 player). The early RT score for Flash (71%) isn’t anywhere near the hype so far.

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