For the first time this summer the entire Top 10 held firm, as Blue Beetle did NOT earn the necessary $75M to threaten the list. No, it didn’t even reach projections as its $25M was the worst opening ever for the DCEU (excluding the ill-fated COVID-era attempt that was Wonder Woman 1984). I saw Beetle this evening, and I found its 92% RT Audience Score and B+ CinemaScore to be a bit… generous.


Barbie crossed $550M on Friday (Day 29), and its current $566M makes it the #15 movie ALL TIME, right behind 2023’s very own The Super Mario Bros. Movie. That one should fall by the weekend. In comparison, Top Gun: Maverick reached $550M on Day 37. Stay tuned.

Next Weekend: No more player selections in this final weekend of the SMP, but we do finally get to see the release of Gran Turismo.

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