Current Top 10:

This week’s changes: Dunkirk and Pirates flip flop #5 and #6.

Before we dive into our pool, let’s take a moment to acknowledge what was just the worst box office weekend over the last 20 YEARS. The top twelve movies COMBINED to earn a total $49M this weekend, the worst since September 23, 2001. I’m sure people will blame the hurricane (hoping no one here was directly impacted) or the Mayweather-McGregor fight, but no, the movies now just suck. The “winner” this weekend was again The Hitman’s Bodyguard with $10M. I can’t wait to see marketing pump out that “Number one at the box office for two straight weeks!” campaign.

Now onto the pool. It took until the very last weekend of the summer for Dunkirk to finally hit #5. I’d say that no one saw that coming, except one player (zoomixer) listed it at #2. Not quite, but hey you were still smarter than most of us to at very least select it. $172M for a World War II movie with a relatively no-name cast. Awesome. Three players listed it at #6, and that is most impressive.

But the question we’d been anxiously wondering was how would the rise of Dunkirk impact our Scoreboard. Well in the end the Top 3 remained intact as each of them equally suffered a 2-point increase in Deviation:

xfactor (18)
Chet (20)
Mobile (21)

The one who got screwed was Wolfout!, who fell from a 3rd Place tie to 7th. Awwwwwwww, sorry Todd.

But guess what? It’s still not over! The pool doesn’t end until August 31 (Thursday), and while we shouldn’t see any more Top 10 movement it still leaves 5 days for the non-Top 10 movies to shuffle. And sitting right below The Mummy at #13 is Annabelle: Creation only $2.2M behind. It earned $7.4M over the past weekend, so we’ll be tracking its progress daily. Should it surpass Mummy you’re looking at another Deviation point for those that picked it, including our leader. Exciting!

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