Mamma Mia, it wasnt a great weekend for those who picked Christopher Robin. Nope, not at all. This epic fail by Disney brought in just under 25M, which is surprising given the epic star power of Ewan McGregor. Disney was hoping for Jungle Book or Beauty and the Beast and ended up somewhere between Country Bears and Pete’s Dragon. A massive blow to those who were hoping to take out Dennis Berg’s perfect ten score. We have seen it 3 times before in 20 years, so it is not impossible. To do it with Mamma Mia 2 and Equalizer 2 would be pretty impressive. It looks like it is in the hands of Jason Statham now to stop the Berg train. Can he do it? Can he take out his biggest fan and equalize too, by bumping out Equalizer 2? Will he be fast and furious or expendable? Tune in next weekend to the epic conlcusion of this post!

Box Office Mojo Weekend Actuals:

1) Mission: Impossible – Fallout – 35.3M (124M)
2) Christopher Robin – 24.5M
3) The Spy Who Dumped Me – 12.1M
4) Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! – 9M (91M)
5) Equalizer 2 – 8.7M (79M)

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