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Thursdays estimates for Meg – 20-22M .
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Friday’s Estimates – 30M
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Saturdays Estimates 40M!
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Final Box office haul for the opening weekend of the Meg 45.4M! We have ourselves a game, folks! Dennis is going to have a tough few weeks to see how this all pans out – with the Equalizer slowing down is it possible for the Meg to catch it? There really isn’t any other films outside of Crazy Rich Asians that will pull in the crowds, so its possible that Jason Statham might pull out the perfect score out of his biggest fans hands with its B+ Cineamascore. As this is Statham’s biggest hit (outside of the F&F franchise), Dennis may just give a nod to the brit action star and say, “you did good, mate. You did good.”

In other box office news, MI6 continued to perform admirably adding another 20M to its haul. It is the third best reviewed film of the summer, and one of the few I am looking forward to see. Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman opened to 10M – his last summer hit (that I picked), Summer of Sam, fared about as well. Slenderman opened to 11.3M, but is the second worst reviewed film of the summer, second only to the thrown together Death of a Nation. It’s D- Cinemascore should see a sizeable drop next weekend should make it a slender box office haul.

As mentioned, next week we see how Crazy Rich Asians will do and if we will have another suprise to take a “bite” out of Dennis’ chance for a flawless victory. Also, his second cousin Peter Berg is releasing the film Mile 22, but I don’t see that one making any significant waves in the pool.

Box Office Mojo Weekend Actuals:

1) The Meg – 45.4M (45.4M)
1) Mission: Impossible – Fallout – 19.3M (161M)
2) Christopher Robin – 12.9M (50M)
3) Slender Man – 11.3M (11.3M)
4) BlacKkKlansman – 10.8M (10.8M)
5) Spy Who Dumped Me – 6.4M (24.4M)

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