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As expected, GOTG3 dominated the Mother’s Day weekend, but not even Boxoffice Pro could predict the 3rd best second-weekend hold ALL TIME among MCU films. The projection was $50M, and GOTG3 blew that away with a surprising $62M for just a 47.6% drop. As reference, the only better second-weekend holds for the MCU were 2018’s Black Panther (45%) and 2011’s Thor (47%). And those of us who have played for years know that anything less than a 50% drop is stellar.

GOTG3 now sits at $214M, and nothing else on the summer list is even at $10M.

It’s bad news for 1 player as despite playing in theaters this past weekend, Viva Pictures didn’t report any box office numbers for Rally Road Racers. Uh ohhhhh, that’s not good as a movie must earn at least a reported $1 to qualify for the esteemed Bonehead Award. Our 2022 players who picked The Gray Man or Samaritan know this all too well.

Next Weekend: 2 players didn’t bother to pick Fast X, the only Wide release coming out. And 1 of them happens to be the the same player that didn’t pick GOTG3.

It’s a bold strategy Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ’em.

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